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Musicing | Grade 8 T2

by Chris Perry, Sean Kelly

iLab Sport | Fall 2019

by Chris Perry

Food Lab | Grade 9 T1

by Chris Perry

Physical Toolbox

by Chris Perry

Camera Uploads

by Nadine Zaza, Chris Perry, Jiyoo Jye...

Devices for Anthropogenic Futures

by Miguel Chaves, Isabella Nunes, Chris Perry...

Fellows Training Week 2019

by Saba Ghole, Ryan Ferguson, Ammar Ahmed...


by Chris Perry

W18 Fellows Summit

by Rima Das, Aaron Laniosz, Tiandra Ray...

Empathetic Play | Grade 9 T2

by Keenan Gray, Chris Perry

iLab Team Winter 2018-19

by Bil Sanford, Chris Perry

iLab Team Fall 2018

by Chris Perry

Upcycled Animals

by Chris Perry

Flying Objects - Research

by Chris Perry, Alex Canepa, Tim Robertson

2018-2019 Team

by David Wang, Tiandra Ray, Tim Robertson...

Periodicity | Grade 8 T1

by Chris Perry

Summer 2018 Training

by David Wang, Rosa Weinberg, Tim Robertson...

Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 2 - Studio

by Christine Perkins, Luis Carbajal, Aaron Laniosz...

Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 1 - Studio

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Chris Perry, Max Vanatta...

NuVuX Fellow Training - Summer 2018

by Rima Das, Tiandra Ray, Chris Perry...

Flying Objects (Session 3)

by Alana Press, Grace Cassels, Lina Huang...

ARKit: The Augmented Future of Now

by Chris Perry, Jiyoo Jye, Andrew Blanton

Augmented Reality Games (Session 2)

by Chris Perry, Keenan Gray


by Graham Galts, James Morse, Grace Cassels...

Flying Objects (Session 1)

by Graham Galts, Lina Huang, Alana Press...