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NuVu Platform: Logging In

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If you have used the NuVu Platform before AND you remember your password, then skip to STEP 4 and 5. If this is your first time using the Platform or if you have forgotten your password, then follow all of the steps below. 

STEP 1: In the top-right corner, click the word "login." 

STEP 2: When the black menu appears, click "reset password," and enter your school email address, and then click "Send Password Reset Link."

STEP 3: Check your school email account for an email from NuVu. Be sure to check your junk email folder as well if you don't see the email in your inbox. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

STEP 4: You should now see your name in the top right corner. Success! (your screen will look slightly different than mine). Under "Studios" click on our current studio, "Cyborg Enhancements". You can also find this studio by clicking on your name in the top right corner.

STEP 5: You are now on the landing page for our studio for the rest of the term! To let me know that you have succeeded in making it this far, make a celebratory comment under the post "comment here!" This post will only appear if you have logged in successfully. 

Battlebotics Session 1 Kit Overview

Chris Perry

What's in the Kit?

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Pre-Studio Activity

Chris Perry
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Creating Your Studio Setup

For this activity, you will be creating a space where you can work on your robot over the next two weeks. There are two parts to this activity:

Part 1: Space 

  1. To start off, you will need to find a space where you will be able to work, and to clear it off completely. Perhaps you have a desk or table that you can use, or maybe prefer to work on the floor. 
  2. Once you have staked your claim and cleared it off, you may want to clean it as well (either wipe it down, brush it off, etc.)
  3. Take a picture of your space to share with the studio 

Part 2: Materials 

When looking to build anything, the materials chosen become very important, and this is no different for our project.  We will be on the look out for a few different types of materials with varied uses.  The best location to begin your search is the recycling bin, but please make sure to approve this with adults prior to delving in.

For each of these properties, have a picture ready and your reason for why you chose it. No re-using materials, each should be a different material.

  1. Strong: Find a piece of material which is very strong. When we use the word strong, how does this fit your material?
  2. Weak: Find a material which is weak.  Does this fit the same definition from your strong material or do strength and weakness take on different meanings for different materials?  Why would you want a weak material in your bot?
  3. Flexible: Find a piece of material which is flexible.  Does this material return to its original shape after being flexed or does it stay in a new shape?  Is is harder to flex in one direction than another?
  4. Fold-able: Find a material which folds.  How is this different from your flexible material?
  5. Easy to cut: Find a material which you can easily(and safely!) cut with scissors.  Why would this material be useful for your bot?
  6. Hard to cut: Find a material which is hard to cut (and please do not try to cut it now). Why might this be useful for your bot?  What might be a challenge when using this?


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Stegobot Video

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Battlebotics 2020

Jenny Kinard
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Session 1: Jul 6-17, 2020

Engines charged. Launchers filled. Robots ready and programmed. Ready, set, go! This is Battlebotics - show your robot’s might, and defeat the stealthy competitors! Set in a modern Utopia, young designers will create their robots inspired by future animals, terrains, and super powers from a future world. Your team will compete to become the champion of NuVu Battlebotics with awards for style and strength!! 

Students will learn about all the components that make their vehicle go vroom: motors, batteries, engines, radio signals, types of chassis and wheels, and robotic intelligence. They will experience the hands-on joy of drilling and building circuits before applying a custom paint job for the finishing touch. Then it’s off to the final challenge, where the robots will compete to be crowned champion of NuVu Battlebotics!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


   Physics (Electricity, Magnetism)




   Robotics (Arduino)

   Sensors & Actuators

   Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

   3d Modeling


  • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 11 to 13 (or grades 6-8)