Good Bye Fall Term!

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In the blink of an eye, fall term is behind us! Students wrapped up their Open Innovation projects and showcased their incredible ideas and designs at our Fall Final Exhibition on Friday, November 19. Six keynote presenters and two student emcees led us through an overview of some incredible partnerships and new technology explored throughout this fall term. 

Twelfth grade students, Luca R. and Miriam L., and ninth grader Sasha H. created Resonance, a three-part wearable collection which creates an intimate musical experience between audience members and musicians. Each garment in the Resonance collection amplifies both the visual and physical components of a concert. 

Twelfth grader Mathew P. created personalized tarot cards, using the twenty two major mystery groups of a mainstream tarot deck. Mathew explored imagery from different cultures and mythologies in an effort to show how the archetypes seen in tarot are part of the universal human experience.

Following the six keynotes, all students exhibited their final designs and prototypes of the term in a school-wide project fair, broadcasted on Zoom for families and friends to see. 

To explore the final projects from this term, please follow the links below, and stay tuned for more updates!

Keynote Presentations

Project Fair Presentations


Molly Powers

During the second studio session of our Fall Term, a group of students had the opportunity to participate in a Biodesign Challenge in partnership with Google. Their task: pitch an idea for a new product, or process of creating products, that is truly renewable and has a positive impact on the environment. 

We’re delighted to announce that students Amiyr A., Elijah R., and Aveen N. placed third out of twenty total projects with their project BIO-PCB. Their design replaces elements of a normal printed circuit board that are harmful to the environment, with mushroom spore bioplastic and water soluble glue. When dipped in water the rare metal components slide off the circuit board, and the PCB can then be planted, grown and harvested to re-make the bioplastic material it originated from. 

Congratulations to you three, we are so proud of you!

To view the team's final project please follow this link

What Are Colleges Saying About NuVu?

Molly Powers

The post-secondary education landscape continues to change in ways that reflect a higher demand for students who think outside the box, and confidently grapple with complex, interdisciplinary problems. Our recent conversations with representatives from institutions like Savannah College of Art and Design, Amherst College and Johns Hopkins indicate that more colleges are shifting focus away from standardized testing, and towards unique learning experiences. It’s exciting to hear more of higher ed validating the approach to education that’s always been at the center of NuVu’s model.

A NuVu Art Sculpture at Danehy Park

Molly Powers

In Fall 2019, NuVu students began designing Pipedreams, an art-play sculpture that celebrates the industrial legacy of Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA. After two years, and three studios of planning and designing work, the installation is finally complete! We’re extremely grateful to Ethan Lacy, Ammar Ahmed, Formateria, and Weston & Sampson for their support during this project. The Cambridge Arts Council will be hosting a formal opening in November, please stay tuned for more details!

Architectural Dance & VR Ecology Studios

Molly Powers

Students are exploring the intersections of ecology and virtual reality, and architecture and dance in the studios Compiled Germination and When Movement Creates Environment. In partnership with the Central Square Dance Complex, students are exploring architecture through movement, and will create installations designed through choreographic stories. In Compiled Germination, students are collaborating with the Arnold Arboretum to create virtual reality experiences that engage users in the origins of plant and tree species, the future of flora in a changing climate, or the future of urban-nature interactions.

Student Clubs Are Here!

Molly Powers

Students are delighted to be back, and are eager to make up for lost time together. We hosted our first Club Fair, and can't wait for delicious updates from Cooking Club, financial advice from Business Outsiders, and peace and serenity from Outdoor Club. Students will stay up to date on local news with Journalism Club, and explore the relationship between culture and design in Culture Club. We’re excited to pack the student experience full of the activities we missed while online last year.

NuVu Graduation 2021

Saba Ghole

The last week of the Spring term and 2020-21 year included a number of special festivities to mark the end of a memorable year. The week began with the first ever NuVu Film Festival in which eight student films debuted and two received special recognition, one for Achievement in Documentary Film (Will Fosnot's "Sorry We're Closed") and one for Achievement in Animation (Siena Jemel's "Human-Robot"). The following day we held the Spring Term and Senior Capstone Exhibition, which included an array of thought provoking projects. The event was attended by families and students both onsite at NuVu Innovation School in Cambridge and virtually.

The culminating event was our 2021 Graduation Ceremony. The 2020-21 year marked NuVu's 7th year of graduating students who embark on the next path of their journey with the confidence and skillset to turn challenges into opportunities that foster new ideas and solutions. The ceremony celebrated the uniqueness of each of the graduates and provided a moment of reflection on the unprecedented year that brought new learning experiences in midst of a global pandemic.

Congratulations to NuVu's graduates, and many thanks to the families for allowing us to be a part of the transformational journey of these thoughtful individuals.

Rob MacDonald Joins NuVu's Leadership Team

Saba Ghole
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We’re thrilled to share that Rob MacDonald is joining the NuVu leadership team. After starting his teaching career at Phillips Academy in Andover, he joined the faculty at Beaver Country Day School, where he spent the past 23 years. Rob helped coordinate the initial NuVu pilot at Beaver, so his involvement with NuVu goes all the way back to 2010. During his time at Beaver, Rob was a creative technologist who led the R+D Team, and he also served as chair of the Math Department, spearheaded a coding initiative and helped to develop a series of multidisciplinary courses. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.

Rob's incredibly strong skill and talents in traditional subjects, such as Humanities, Math, and Science, will be a welcome and appreciated addition to NuVu. Rob will work very closely with our students and parents to ensure that their NuVu education is exactly what they need and want among many other responsibilities within NuVu.

The Making of Fanciful Beasts in Barcelona

Miki Villanueva
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Students at Escola L'Horitzó in Barcelona recently completed their first NuVu studio experience, an animal-inspired version of Cyborg Enhancements.  The studio was led by their teacher, Miki Villanueva, with support from our NuVuX Fellow, Max Vanatta.  In their final presentations, we saw ideas such as gloves that allow you to "Dig Like a Mole" and a "Field of View Amplifier" helmet.  This program is part of our NuVuX Program Offerings where the NuVu Team works with schools and teachers around the world to deliver custom studio-based experiences on-the-ground at collaborating schools.

NuVuX Global Challenges: Quarantine Cookbook

James Addison

NuVuX Global Challenges: Quarantine Cookbook

NuVuX Global Challenges is an ongoing series of challenges for students ages 4 to 18 to share experiences, stories, and ideas, while creating a positive impact in the world through design. Each challenge addresses a theme, giving students the opportunity to address current issues in the world in different ways. This week's challenge is Quarantine Cookbook.

Quarantine Cookbook Challenge

From learning to cook family recipes for the first time to experimenting with new foods, people around the world are rediscovering the joys of cooking while we’re all stuck at home. What have you been eating during the shutdown? Are there new recipes you’ve discovered or cooking techniques you’ve perfected? How has the importance of food and cooking changed for you?

For this challenge, create a time lapse video (90 seconds max) of your dish being created in the kitchen.  You can film yourself cooking, cook with another member of your household, or cook with a friend over video chat-- possibilities are endless!  Parents, cook with your kids! Kids, cook with your family members and friends! Choose your video style and create your timelapse. Submit with the recipe for your dish (written or drawn) and your response to the question: What is this dish and why is it important to you? 

Winners will be featured in NuVu’s digital “Quarantine Cookbook” to be released in Summer 2020!

All proceeds will benefit Off Their Plate, a grassroots organization working to provide nutritious meals to frontline COVID healthcare workers and economic relief to local restaurant workers who have been affected by the crisis.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Choose a recipe
  2. Create a timelapse video (90 seconds max) of your dish being created in the kitchen (points for style and creativity!!)
  3. Submit your timelapse video along with your recipe, and your response to the question: what is this dish and why is it important to you? 
  4. Bonus: Submit your blooper reel

How Do I Submit?

  1. Submit on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by tagging @nuvustudio and by using #NuVuXGlobalChallenges. In the text of your post, please include your first name, school, age, and the city and country you are posting from.
  2. If you prefer to submit by email, title the email “Quarantine Cookbook” and send your entry to with your first name, school, age, city, and country.

Need inspiration? Explore the presentation at the top of this post to get ideas for your project.

What Happens Next?

After each challenge, we will feature the most creative entries in our newsletter and across our social media platforms. Challenges will be ongoing, and different prizes for the best submissions will be announced and awarded along the way. Towards the end of the 2020-21 school year, a grand prize will be announced for three exceptional participants.

For NuVu’s partners and friends around the world, we ask that each of you share this call for entries with your respective schools and student networks, and to support our shared goal of bringing innovative education and learning to diverse groups of students around the world.

Happy Cooking!