Nutopian Cars 2020

Jenny Kinard
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Session 3: Aug 3-14, 2020

Zoom your way through this studio by building your own remote controlled (RC) model of a futuristic car! What will cars look like in the far future?  How will future cities affect future cars? In this studio, students will be constructing an RC car based on their imaginations. 

Students will experience the hands-on joy of building circuits, learning about motors, batteries, engines, radio signals, types of chassis and wheels, and robotic intelligence, before applying a custom paint job for the finishing touch. Then it’s off to the races in a final exhibition where the fantasy cars whoosh to save the world!


Focus skills/subjects/technologies:


   Physics (electricity and magnetism)




   Robotics (Arduino)

   Sensors and Actuators

   Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

   3d Modeling