Learning about the water crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, this project focused on creating a solution that could be deployed into this type of situation. The SPEW is a low cost, portable emergency water purification system that can be used after a natural disaster or when there are other disruptions or impurities in the water supply.

Interruptions in water supplies are quite common.  A 2017 USA Today study showed that 65 million Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water over the past decade. The World Health Organization indicates that 2 billion people globally drink contaminated drinking water. A full month after Hurricane Maria, 25% of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million people still had unsafe drinking water.

The SPEW Purification System uses traditional filters and reverse osmosis (RO) to make nearly any fresh water safe to drink. The system removes organic and inorganic compounds down to 1/10,000 of a micron. An additional ultraviolet unit or disinfection cartridge can protect against bacteria, cysts, viruses, and other microorganisms.

The SPEW can produce 50-75 gallons of pure, safe drinking water per day, enough for several families.

The SPEW can be powered by solar, battery, or plug-in power. The batteries last a full day and can be recharged by solar. The SPEW can be operated indoors or outdoors.

The SPEW can be connected to a faucet, hose, or spigot to purify municipal or well water. It can also pull surface water from rivers, lakes, or ponds (not saltwater).

The complete SPEW System, including pump, filters, RO unit, solar panel, batteries, and transport cart, can be easily assembled with about $200 worth of readily available parts.

dispatch final presentation

Declan McEnerney

DISPATCH: Is an interactive audio and text-based game to give insight into the call to action  “defund the police”.The player is put in the role of an emergency services call dispatcher.  

Dispatch is created to combat the misunderstanding of the phrase "defund the police". This misunderstanding causes people to be instantly turned off from the idea, instead of looking into it. Dispatch is aiming to make this information more palatable and in a more interactive format for people who are not willing/able to do this research themselves. The player's task is to send the correct response to each situation they face. Emergency scenarios range from petty theft to psychotic episodes. The game envisions a future where emergency specific response services replace law enforcement. Dispatch is a javascript based game, which will be played in a browser, making the game accessible to a wide audience. 

Personal History

M Paul

The objective of the project Personal History was to explore cultural identity by interviewing family. This project explores the nuances of identity, diaspora, the evolution of traditions, and how that culminates in a single personal experience. The key components of this project were: interviews with two grandmothers, self reflection resulting in visual output, and a written piece on the history of several personal identities. This project hopes to inspire others to explore their own past, and reflect on how their family finds meaning, in traditions, values, and identity.

Final Presentation

Thomas Galletti

The Grocery Store is a game simulating the struggle that many business owners are facing this pandemic. The player must design a grocery store in a way that is profitable and doesn't cause infections in their store. They must also deal with uncooperative customers who refuse to follow pandemic guidelines.

The Grocery Store is designed to help the general public understand the many challenges that small business owners are facing during the pandemic. It can also be played by small business owners to help them experiment with the new ways that stores must be designed and operated. The game uses the p5.play library to create a browser game with a drag-and-drop interface. The player can design their store using the built in assets and then run a simulation that will end with a breakdown of the profits made, % chance of infection and the areas in the store that are of the biggest risk. During the simulation, there is a chance that customers can come in that aren't following pandemic guidelines, such as not wearing a mask or distancing themselves from the other customers, and the player will be given choices on how to handle these customers.

Low Cost Mask Testing Device Presentation

Ryan Bendremer

The whole world is wearing face masks to protect themselves from Covid-19. It has become clear that all masks do not protect their wearers equally. The only masks that have been formally tested are the N95 masks that are reserved for medical workers.

In this project, I set out to design and build a low-cost mask testing device that provides a reasonably good assessment of a mask’s protection. By measuring how many particles can bypass the mask, it shows how effective the mask will defend the person from the virus. Right now, mask testing devices are extremely expensive and only used by large manufacturers and laboratories. Only the very high-quality N95 masks are being tested, which are not currently available to the general public.  This means that most people don’t know if their masks can stop a high percentage of virus particles.

My project can quickly test masks and perhaps publish the data to a public database. People around the country would be able to send their masks to a test center and get the results quickly. If the mask was already in the database, they could make an informed decision before purchasing. This service would be important for people who are making their own masks or selling self-made masks. If a seller on Etsy or eBay wanted to get their masks tested, now their customers would be able to see exactly what they were buying. The CDC recently came out and said that cloth masks are often not effective. There’s also a problem with counterfeit masks and those that do not meet the manufacturer’s standards. People need to know which masks are effective to keep themselves safe during the pandemic.

My device is able to calculate the percentage of different sized particles filtered by the mask being tested. It can also measure the change in pressure to show how easy it is to breathe through the mask. This device is for mask producers, mask distributors, service organizations, and end-users.


Max Berbeco and 2 OthersMadi Fortune
Elijah Rhyne


The Bonktapus is a stuffed animal that enables communication over long distances. When the bonktapus is "bonked" or hit it sends a signal to its partner that would then heat up and change color. This is an effective form of communication that doesn't feel disruptive.


Elijah Rhyne and 2 OthersMax Berbeco
Madi Fortune


The Bonktapus is a stuffed animal that enables communication over long distances. When the bonktapus is "bonked" or hit it sends a signal to its partner that would then heat up and change color. This is an effective form of communication that doesn't feel disruptive.

Chrono Cubes

Rayanne Attar and jiao jiao scott

The project “Chrono Cubes” is designed for people who want to have a more organized life. The device is a physical calendar device where you can build blocks up to plan out your week. After you build the blocks up, the tasks will connect to your calendar. The blocks will light up at a specific time that your tasks are. For example, If you have two Zoom meetings on Monday at 2 and 4 pm, at 2 pm the block would turn a color you chose like purple and at 4 pm it would also light up purple.

This device is perfect for anyone who wants a fun way to keep themselves organized. The design replaces getting notifications on the phone or opening up a physical planner. Instead, the user can build up their day and see what tasks they have based on the colors during the week. There's no distractions in this design, it's just one thing rather than going onto a phone and seeing a lot of random notifications. The Chronos Cubes were invented to be small enough to be on a desk to make sure it's easy to look at in your workspace.

Our project, the Chronos Cubes, is a product designed so be a physical calendar. Instead of forgetting your Zoom meetings and tasks around the house, you are able to see the blocks and lights on your desk. The physicality of the cube design makes it easier to remember what you have on what day by a) not being on your phone so its not as distracting and b) science says if you physically do something, you are more likely to remember to actually do that task and not just let it smack around your head like bats.

Nuvu Slideshow

Isa Murray and Evan Johnston

Subterrain Strategy is an open-world adventure game with game mechanics taken from chess. Utilizing the strategy used to play chess, the game absorbs the player in a vast cave full of loot and enemies. The goal of the game is to locate and capture the white king. The game targets people who enjoy strategic and puzzle-based games. The world utilizes the special classes of chesspieces to create informal “levels” in the world. For instance, the king is kept in a chamber that can only be accessed through a straight and a diagonal corridor. This ensures that the piece that combats the king must be a queen or a king due to the queen and king being the only pieces that can go forward and diagonal. The player interacts with the world by moving their chess pieces throughout the cave. If the player’s king is captured by a white character, the game ends. The game was built in unity using a series of three-dimensional models developed in Blender. The enemies are programmed to move closer to the player when the player is within a certain range. The player moves by selecting the piece they want to move and then clicking on the tile they want to move to.


River Doyle and 2 OthersZach Shea
Jeremy Nierenberg

The Hugging Hand is a mechanical toy designed to be used by kids in schools to relieve stress. In its first iteration the Hugging Hand was powered using batteries. The Hugging Hand works when a person places pressure on the handheld device by squeezing their fingers; this causes a one-to-one ratio of pressure to be brought down on the back of their hand this function and allows for someone to feel comforted--as if their hand is being held.  The fact that the Hugging Hand was electronically powered was a feature we thought could be improved so we made it our goal to make an improved version of the Hugging Hand that while still having the same function as its predecessor will no longer require batteries.Research shows that holding hands and using a weighted blanket can relieve stress and anxiety and while it would be nice for students to sit in class under a weighted blanket holding hands with their classmate this scenario is in fact unrealistic.