NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students. NuVu's pedagogy is based on the architectural studio model and geared around multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. We teach students how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion.

Studio Model

Our Studio Model engages you in hands-on problem solving to come up with creative solutions for real-world problems.

Leading Experts

Our studios are lead by Coaches who are leaders in their industry, experts in diverse fields, and passionate thought leaders. Our Coaches include entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, designers, roboticists, and PhD students from MIT and Harvard.

Interdisciplinary Topics

Our studio topics are interdisciplinary and bring together different subjects and bodies of thought.

Projects with Impact

You’ll work on projects that are meaningful and have a real impact. From building musical prosthetics for children to designing high-end fashion/wearables for Fashion Week to field-testing health products on the ground with community partners, you’ll experience it all!

Featured Projects


by Satchel Sieniewicz

Sunrise (Tiffany)

by Chris Preller, Evy Dibble, Madeline Tallarico...

Spatial Expander (Jerron)

by Nina Cragg, Nya Rudek, Teresa Lourie...

Hoberman Chair

by Max Ingersoll, Nina Cragg

Morphing Scales

by Alana Press, Eli Krieger

Peter's Chestplate

by Dylan Norris, Joseph Cybul

Cycling Shoe Exoskeleton

by Jesse Roberts, Joey Raskin-Lantos, Leo Connelly...

Skill Vest

by Devin Lewtan, Noah Saldaña
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