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Learning To See

NuVu is a place where young students grow their spirit of innovation. They use curiosity and creativity to explore new ideas, design solutions and make their concepts come to life.

NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students. We believe creativity is a core part of a child’s learning. Fueled by creativity, students have the capacity to address large-scale problems and create solutions that have an impact in the world.

Derived from “New View,” NuVu is a school where students explore real-world topics, both locally and globally, and create new views of the world. Our students learn how to use the design process to solve complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.


Groundbreaking Bike

San Francisco-based developer DivcoWest collaborated with NuVu on the design of a groundbreaking machine for the groundbreaking ceremony on October 19, 2017 for their new project in the NorthPoint area in East Cambridge, MA called “Cambridge Crossing (CX). As part of the Groundbreaking Robots studio, fourteen NuVu students worked on a concept and design for a groundbreaking robot. At the end of the studio, representatives from DivcoWest selected one winning student design to be built full-scale and demoed at the groundbreaking ceremony. The winning project was the “Groundbreaking Steampunk Bike," a fully-mechanical, bike-powered steampunk digger.

The Belonging Mural

The Belonging mural was created as part of the Art in Public Space studio at NuVu lead by artist Shilo Shiv Suleman. Centered at the heart of Central Square in Cambridge, MA, the mural is a participatory art piece created by NuVu students and residents of Cambridge that shares the diversity of the city and its people.


Our Students

Our students come to NuVu because they are looking for a way to express themselves creatively. They are engaged, confident and share a deep desire to impact the world around them in a meaningful way.

Kate Reed

Our first full time student, Kate Reed, completed her high school years (grades 9-12) at NuVu and graduated in 2017. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in design and engineering at the dual degree program between RISD and Brown. Her story is inspiring and one of the reasons why we believe in the power of creative learning and encourage students to pursue their passions.