Fish Fried Rice

Kody White and 3 OthersRajveer Parekh
Landon Diogo
Jere Nierenberg

Fish Fried Rice

Jere + Zoe + Landon + Rajveer

Fish Fried Rice is the name of our industrial music group. For this project, each member created an instrument to fit this aesthetic theme -- raw, handmade, and unpolished. As well, each instrument's sound was meant to reflect that of industry -- loud, metallic, and unnatural. 


Landon: My project was a bench that is played like a harp. Made out of a wooden slab and the legs of an elementary school desk. With tuning begs embedded into the wood and strings attached to the legs. 

Rajveer: Sound Board is an interactive percussion music generator that includes both industrial and natural sounds (generated by percussing hand-made objects). The display included clay pots, wood, spray paint cans, and many other items. The main goal of this instrument was to represent industrial sounds while also adding a twist by incorporating a natural element. Taking inspiration from Industrial Music, I decided to add electronic beats to the sounds recorded from the sound board to make it sound "musical." A bass guitar and a piano were among the electronic instruments.

Jere: My instrument is heavily based on the alphorn. It is made of three different sizes of PVC tubing, a tuba mouthpiece and a large sheet HDPE(high density poly ethylene) formed into the bell of the instrument. There is no attachment between the second and third tubes so the pitch can be changed by sliding the tube, similar to a trombone.

Process post

Rajveer Parekh


Innovative Busking

Kunal Botla and 2 OthersBen Litvak-Hinenzon
Nate Besthoff

Innovative Busking

Kunal, Ben, & Nate

Innovating Busking, created and inspired by fusions of existing instruments, is a collection of instruments. The goal of the instruments is to create a set that works well together and can be used to play basic compositions.

Most instruments are very similar in their design and interface; Innovating Busking seeks to change the status quo. Through a set of iterations and exploration, Innovating Busking creates an easy to learn set of instruments with a simple interference. The Electric Kalimba is a large kalimba with a digital output. Sounds from the instrument are a lower pitch than a standard kalimba and are made into digital audio through a contact microphone. The B-Bender is a single string guitar with the ability to play three notes. The 808 drum uses a spring-like action to create a drum-like sound from the contact of two wood faces. With three keys, it creates variation through the keys itself and the pressure applied when playing. By having a bender mechanism embedded into the chamber of the guitar, changing the tension and length of the string creates three different notes. Innovating Busking creates novel instruments for people to start their musical experience.

Subsequent Brunch

Lalita Bellach and 2 OthersCole Krivak
Max Myers

Subsequent Brunch

Max, Cole, Lalita


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