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by Ben Pratt, Richard Lourie

Sunken Woodlands

by Karena Wieland, Richard Lourie

Chess Set 2

by Richard Lourie

Nuvietown - Richie

by Richard Lourie


by Richard Lourie

Eternal River

by Richard Lourie

Modular Shoe

by Richard Lourie, Tony Whelan

Contrast Courtyard

by Richard Lourie, Tony Whelan

Courtyard Contrast

by Richard Lourie, Tony Whelan

The Food Suit

by Oliver Peterson, Richard Lourie

The Peculiar Pair

by Christopher Kitchen, Richard Lourie

Las Tractoradas

by Amanda Brown, James Brink, Joshua Shapiro...

Bowling Buddy

by Richard Lourie, Ruby Miller

Gravity Party

by Richard Lourie


by Jacob Florence, Richard Lourie, Sophia Grossman...

So Much More

by Jackson Hardin, Malena Horne, Richard Lourie...

Song Pong

by Malena Horne, Richard Lourie


by Grace MacPherson, Richard Lourie

Hi-Lo | Richard Lourie

by Richard Lourie


by Joseph Cybul, Richard Lourie


by Richard Lourie, Seamus Buckley

Grandma's Birthday

by Richard Lourie

Biofeedback Posture Chair v2

by Micah Reid, Richard Lourie

Jack O Lamptern

by Richard Lourie

Shutes and Spectacles

by Drew Siegal, Richard Lourie, Tom Carey...

Shutes And Spectacles

by Drew Siegal, Richard Lourie


by Richard Lourie, Teresa Lourie

Richie Coin-Op Security

by Richard Lourie

Interactive space

by Jasmin Breakstone, Richard Lourie, Sophia Friedfertig...

Traal Escape

by Nuradin Bhatti, Richard Lourie

Privacy Pods

by Jasmin Breakstone, Noah Grunebaum, Richard Lourie...

Flapping Wing

by Myles Lack-Zell, Richard Lourie