Climb N Spin: Presentation

Richard Lourie and 2 OthersChiara Blissett
Max Colognesi

Chiara Blissett, Richie Lourie, Max Colognesi

"Climb N Spin" encourages collaborative play and gives a child a sense of accomplishment. Typical playgrounds do not have many structures that require teamwork to use them and are universally designed. Danehy Park, in Cambridge, has a unique landscape. This climbing contraption uses the bumps in Danehy’s land to support the weight of the ramp and make the incline less steep. The structure is composed of three circular platforms, two of which rotate with the assistance of a child. All platforms connect in the center via a sturdy pole, and the structure is wrapped in netting in which children can use to climb from one tier to the other. The bottom two levels are wheelchair accessible, and everybody can use it in some way, no matter their limitations. With “Climb N Spin,” children, parents, and caretakers can collectively spend more time together and have a blast, all while advancing young minds.