Final Images

Teresa Lourie

The drape-sleeve cape is a canvas garment with laser-cut designs on the sleeves. The design was made by taking a floral pattern DXF off the internet and cutting it into the outer part of two quarter-circles. This pieces attached to a simple, cropped bodice to create sleeves.


Sam Daitzman


Max Kreppein

Nya Process Post

Nya Rudek

Nya Process Post

Nya Rudek


Jenny Kinard

Welcome to the Hi-Lo Sewing week, a skills based 4.5 day intro into sewing.

During the week you will learn the basics of sewing, by hand and on a machine, learn pattern construction and guidelines and make a usable soft goods product applying your skills.

We will also have a guest speaker  - Jenny Rushmore, Entrepreneur, Marketing expert, body positive advocate and founder of Cashmerette and Curvy Sewing Collective.

In addition to the basics of sewing, we will also discuss and brainstorm how to rapidly prototype for soft goods and ways to incorporate technology into sewn goods including electronics, laser cutting and 3D printing.

The Objective of this skills class is to give you the basic knowledge and confidence to incorporate fabric based materials into your future projects and that textiles as a medium will expand your ability to create.