Richard Lourie

Our project captures the motion of a swan. Which Allows the visually impaired to experience it fully.

Blind people have trouble experiencing many things that we take for granted. This project was created to translate the visual experience of watching a bird fly to a tactile experience. It would be difficult to touch a bird in the wild, so many visually impaired people have trouble understanding the movements of birds. We created a swan that can demonstrate the different movements of a bird to the visually impaired. Flying is a very unique motion that cannot be explained easily to someone who has not experienced it. This project will help blind people access movements that they would not be able to normally. This project was created with Linkage, a software that can create linkages and gears. These linkages and gears were used to create the motion that we wanted.


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Visually impaired people have trouble understanding many motions because they cannot feel them. We tried to turn flight into a tactile experience so visually impaired people can experience it as well. We did this by watching the different motions of a swan and modeling them in a linkage program.  We have two different parts: a swan unfolding its wings and a swan flapping its wings.