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The Brief

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The Brief

Seamus Buckley and Benjamin Lehv
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Office life is the central environment of corporate America. Many Americans work in an office, but only some have time to go to the gym or go for a run. People make excuses about their workload and logistics. New studies have shown that a sedentary office life can lead to cardiovascular disease, depression, obesity, and death. While the idea of an office lifestyle begins to threaten and frighten the lives of American workers, we have sought to make the process from work to workout easier. The Smart Shoe would allow office workers to go from wearing dress shoes to athletic shoes in seconds without having to undo your laces! The flexible midsole connects the outsole using snapback connections between the soles. The shoe also allows for the user to save money and travel space as they don't have to buy or pack two pairs of shoes. The Smart Shoe aims to create athletic and business success by providing customers with a frugal comfortable, and expedient way to make their life easier!

The Brief

Janice Tabin

Young children can often have a hard time focusing in class, they can often feel fidgety, hyper, or disinterested if the class seems too or boring or is not hands on enough. I want to make sure kids get the education they deserve while interacting with the information given to them.

I made a room of a traditional Japanese dollhouse to demonstrate this idea. I put many things typically found in a classic Japanese home and learned the proper sizing, name, and any other important facts about them. I wired the room with buttons that when pressed will tell you information about the corresponding object, such as the name in Japanese, and it's main function in the house, etc. This way the students can have a both audible and visual method of learning. I hope this can be a fun and engaging learning experience for kids, that conveys enough information successfully not to replace the classroom setting, but to help children who are struggling along with the process.

Final Presentation

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Presentation Text

Alexander Jin
  • The Posture Pack is a smart backpack designed to ensure back health for the user. 
  • We designed this backpack because many people around the world suffer from a lot of back pain that can impact them for the rest of their lives because of poor posture and back strain caused from excessive loads from backpacks. So we created the Posture pack to prevent back injury especially for children and teens. 
  • To create our backpack, we drew inspiration from ergonomic backpacks and we studied the natural curvature of the human spine. We also researched the different negative health effects caused by overweight backpacks and tried to make our design combat these problems. 
  • We envisioned our model to have force sensors to detect when the backpack has an overweight load which will then prompt an LED light to flash, alerting the wearer of the problem. We also designed our backpack to have an ergonomic design for user comfort and back support. 
  • Our first iteration was just a carboard backpack that featured a lumbar support curve, chest straps, and hip straps. There is nothing much to it other than that. We didn't think about the electronic components yet. 
  • Here we have the first prototype of the backpiece and we decided that it should cover the entire back of the user. 
  • This is our second prototype. We placed the prototype backpiece onto this iteration to see how everything would fit together. There are no straps to this iteration because we made this just to test out how the backpiece would fit onto the backpack and if it was a comfortable design. 
  • Here you can see that we started working on the electronic components of the backpack. We hooked up an arduino and breadboard to force sensors and started coding as well.
  • This is the final version of the backpiece that is made out of CNC foam. It has an improved design that better contours to the body and the edges are more curved to prevent iritiation to the user. 
  • After a lot of work, we finally finished the entire backpack. We attached the final backpiece to an actual backpack and hooked up all of the electronics. One thing you might notice is that we added vibration motors to our design. This is meant to alert the user when he/she is wearing the backpack with one strap. 
  • Here is a closer look at our electronics.
  • Final images
  • We faced a few challenges, one very big one in our final design was securing the electronics and indivisiual wires when we attacched them to the backpack. 

Demo Video

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Backpack in Action

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