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The Future of Joy

by Teresa Lourie

The Installation

by Christopher Kitchen, Jakob Sperry, Janice Tabin...

Nature Motifs

by Christopher Kitchen, Maddie Johnson-Harwitz, Teresa Lourie...

Learning Closeness

by Teresa Lourie


by Teresa Lourie

Subtle Individuality

by Teresa Lourie

Groundbreaking Bike Finale

by Christopher Kitchen, Jakob Sperry, Louie Adamian...

Open Armor

by Teresa Lourie

Las Tractoradas

by Amanda Brown, James Brink, Joshua Shapiro...

Petal Paint

by Alannah Argyle, Teresa Lourie


by Teresa Lourie


by Jackson Hardin, Jakob Sperry, Max Ingersoll...

Art for Radical Freedom

by Aveen Nagpal, Jonathan Fujiwara, Joshua Browne...

Groundbreaking Bike

by Max Ingersoll, Teresa Lourie

Blue Bear Red Bear

by Ryan McClennen, Teresa Lourie

Draped Sleeve

by Teresa Lourie

Spatial Expander (Jerron)

by Nina Cragg, Nya Rudek, Teresa Lourie...

You Shall Not Pass

by Maya Paul, Teresa Lourie


by Nina Cragg, Teresa Lourie


by Ford Chope, Teresa Lourie

Incision SIM

by Jonah Stillman, Teresa Lourie


by Richard Lourie, Teresa Lourie

Keyed Light Security

by Nina Cragg, Teresa Lourie


by Teresa Lourie

Distillation Equipment

by Jonah Stillman, Simon Zalesky, Teresa Lourie...


by Teresa Lourie

Le Gardien

by Abi Tenenbaum, Benjamin Fox, Nuradin Bhatti...