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Karam Studio Development Training

by Hany Alsheekh, Rashad Ramadan, Aya Alhajji...

Innovation Camp 2019 - Session 1 - Big Picture

by Saba Ghole, Kristina Osborn, Emily Glass

Innovation Camp 2019 - Session 1 - Big Picture

by Suzanne Southworth, Saba Ghole, Emily Glass...

Fellows Training Week 2019

by Saba Ghole, Ryan Ferguson, Ammar Ahmed...

Professional Development

by Jon Turnquist, Rosa Weinberg, Tiandra Ray...

2018-19 Lower School PD

by Sara Fenske, Betsy Minton

Super-Enabling Devices (S1_D)

by Emily Glass, Joanna MacLean


by Emily Glass, James Addison, Rachel Dickey

2018-2019 Team

by David Wang, Tiandra Ray, Tim Robertson...

Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 2 - Big Picture

by Saeed Arida, Saba Ghole, Emily Glass...

Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 1 - Big Picture

by Aaron Laniosz, Emily Glass, Saba Ghole...

NuVuX Fellow Training - Summer 2018

by Rima Das, Tiandra Ray, Chris Perry...

Advanced Arduino

by Tim Robertson, Aaron Laniosz, James Addison...

Innovation Camp 2017 - Session 2 - Big Picture

by Saeed Arida, Saba Ghole, Emily Glass

Innovation Camp 2017 - Session 1 - Big Picture

by Saeed Arida, Saba Ghole, Emily Glass

NuVuX Practicum Spring 2017

by David Wang, Emily Glass

Open Innovation Winter 2016

by Jenny Kinard, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Emily Glass...

Reenvisioning Traditional Games

by Manisha Sharma, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Spyridon Ampanavos...

Physical Encoding

by Manisha Sharma, Emily Glass, David Wang

Open Innovation Fall 2016

by Eli Krieger, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Sotirios Kotsopoulos...

Pet Furniture

by Manisha Sharma, Andrew Todd Marcus, Emily Glass

Juxtapose I

by Manisha Sharma, Eli Krieger, Amro Arida...


by Margaret Dunne, Jewel Lin, Natasha Jones...

Genius Camp Fall 2016

by Eli Krieger, Andrew Todd Marcus, Emily Glass...

Genius Camp Fall 2016 | Driverless Cities

by Emily Glass, Grant Lyons, Jeremiah Gonda

(4B) Interactive Installations

by Nancy Fonseca, Emily Glass

(4B) Montessori Furniture

by TJ Woolford, Holly Strickland, Emily Glass

(2B) Microbusinesses

by Colby Bogie, Emily Glass

(1B) Hack the Cafeteria

by Nicholas Judy, Amber Alderman, Emily Glass

(4A) Play to Power

by Leanne Ciccone, Steve Canlon, Emily Glass

(3A) Social Inequalities

by Rick Gomer, Jeremiah Gonda, Emily Glass

(3A) Empathy for Disability

by Lara Giliam, Mary Ann Luciano, Emily Glass

(2A) Prosthetics for Athletics

by Tricia Dugger, Ray Ryan, Emily Glass

(1A) Beyond Basic Needs

by Karen Adams, Emily Glass

(1A) Driverless Cities

by Jeremiah Gonda, Grant Lyons, Emily Glass

Genius Camp Fall 2016

by Emily Glass

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 2

by Kelly McGough, Nancy Fonseca, Nicholas Judy...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 1

by Bambi Guy, Karen Adams, Michael Mury...

(4A) Adaptive Wearables

by Lindsey Bailey, Bambi Guy, Emily Glass

(2A) Small Scale Disease Prevention

by Jen Giansiracusa, Joe Corba, Emily Glass

(3B) Immersive Storytelling

by Mary Ann Luciano, Paul Hughes, John Iskra...

(1B) Get Ready for Kindergarten

by Cathy Watson, Kelly McNeil, Emily Glass

(3B) Reimagining the Shopping Cart

by Nikki Hoagland, Cory Kloth, Emily Glass


by Emily Glass


by Andrew Todd Marcus, Emily Glass, Tschol Slade

Printable Machines

by Jonathan Grinham, Rosa Weinberg, Emily Glass

Flyingbots 2

by Sophie Goldstein, Emily Glass, David Wang...

Play to Learn in Reyhanli

by Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Rosa Weinberg, Emily Glass

IPP - Winter 2015

by Adam Steinberg, Amro Arida, Andrew Todd Marcus...


by Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Emily Glass


by Sophie Goldstein, Daniel Bassett, Sam Daitzman...

Futuristic Fashion

by Sam Daitzman, Sebastian Carpenter, Emily Glass


by Aaron Laniosz, Anjali Patel, Emily Glass...