(1A) Driverless Cities

Final Polished Video

Katie Miner

final portfolio

Alston Morrell
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Zachary Lipschitz
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This is our portfolio.

Alien Portal

Katie Miner and Yaoming Li
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final project

Alston Morrell

Final Animation

Zachary Lipschitz

This is our final animation.

An Alien's Portal

Katie Miner

For decades, people have wondered what it would be like if an alien popped up in their living room. Now, there is an animation about that specific happening. This story highlights the differences in how we expect aliens to automatically know how to communicate with humans as soon as they arrive in a hilarious fashion.

The method of this story being told is one of hand-drawn frames made in FireAlpaca carefully stitched together with the editing software Adobe Premier. It is also the method of getting the topic of portals, an idea about aliens, being told to make a story, and absolutely running with it.