(2A) Prosthetics for Athletics

Kickin' It

Anjali Patel and 3 OthersAndrew Lambridis
Cobe Maldonado
Colin Phillips
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The project we decided on is an under-knee prosthetic leg designed specifically for soccer. After an extensive amount of prep and design we began to create different aspects of the prosthetic on Fusion 360 and Rhino, creating a very clean and professional looking prosthetic.

After lots of research and countless hours of reading articles, we discovered that a prosthetic solely designed for playing soccer has not yet been created. Some theoretical images can be found on the internet, but nothing yet realistic and mainstream. As our whole group has a passion for playing and watching soccer, we decided to create such a prosthetic. We started sketching out the basics of the project knowing that we did not necessarily want the prosthetic to be bound by the mechanics of a human foot. To make the prosthetic lightweight and easy to work with, we designed it have only the necessary surfaces for kicking, passing, and dribbling. Most of the prosthetic is made of plastic, with a PVC pipe middle, and a laser cut wooden frame at the top. The finished product has a modern feel to it and has proven to be extremely versatile. We truly tried to make this prosthetic more effective than a human leg and more desirable to play with. The prosthetic is very easy to work with and we hope it can be used to aid the disabled in playing the sport we know so well and love.

Pool Prosthetics

Caywood Rodes
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Spirit support portfolio

Bayli Feist
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This is the process of our spirit box. We started from a cardboard box with springs and strings and finished with a laser cut box with wooden gears and racks. We created a solution to our problem that helps all cheerleaders missing a foot.