(4B) Interactive Installations


Michelle Moskal


Hayden Jolly
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This is our final poster.

Presentation: Light It Up

Michelle Moskal
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The task in our Innovation Studio was to create an interactive installation that could convey a message of emotion through the sensory experience given by our arrangement. Our particular project involved the creation of an installation with a musical experience. Additionally, we felt very strong about adding another component of colored light. Through this project, we wanted to enable people to want to walk down a hallway where they would not normally walk. We also wanted the people walking down this hallway to interact with the installation.

When we first started, we wanted to use LED strips on a wall that would change based on frequency of the pitch of the people talking and walking down the hallway. The changing light would also follow the people down the length of the hallway. We then changed our idea to incorporate more sound and interaction after we discussed the feasibility of the previously mentioned project. What we came up with was a light fixture that uses ultrasonic sensors to sense when an individual is underneath the fixture. Once activated, the fixture interacts with the surroundings through its colorful light display and harmonious melodies. We created the final design using plexiglass acrylic sheets which we designed in Rhino and then proceeded to cut with the laser cutter.


Update: 10/10

Aslyn Mattson
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Today we explored the science behind mirrors in kaleidoscopes, and how we can use light, mirrors, and reflective angles to create simple, yet ultimately complex optical illusions. We also laser-cut a small scale model that William designed in Rhino that can provide a panoramic kaleidoscopic experience. We still need mirrors to test our design, as the model is currently out of wood and has no reflective surfaces. Unfortunately, I could not find any of our more professional images of our laser-cut design on the website. 

Update: Self-Assessment

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Brainstorming Day 1

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2 ideas for our project about the nature

Ran Jia
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① Put lambs and switches on the branches. 

② Draw a hole on the tree, and put a ladder near the tree. Then decorate the ladder with leaves, predending that leaves are coming out of the tree.

Interaction: someone who is circumspective would notice that there is a ladder he could climb.


Next class we'll find some leaves that we can use on the ladder and some lambs with power switches that we can use.

21 Musical Swings

Michelle Moskal
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