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by Aveen Nagpal, Grace MacPherson


by Grace MacPherson, Richard Lourie

AR Business Card

by Grace MacPherson

Educational Doll House

by Grace MacPherson, Janice Tabin

Light | Grace MacPherson

by Grace MacPherson

Fluid Painting

by Aveen Nagpal, Grace MacPherson, Ronan O'Callaghan...

Virtual Chess Mate

by Arielle Dede, Grace MacPherson, Maya Paul...


by Grace MacPherson, Louie Adamian, Sam Daitzman...

Light Up Coffee Table

by Eli Levitt, Elias Hyde, Grace MacPherson...

Peering Through the Keyhole

by Grace MacPherson

Rolling Houses

by Grace MacPherson

DAY2: Brainstorming Exercise B

by Benjamin Snyder, Bridget Tobin, Frederick Wilson...

Top Hat Terrariums

by Eli Levitt, Grace MacPherson


by Elias Hyde, Grace MacPherson, India Hyde...

Magical Staircase

by Grace MacPherson, Jay Weiss-Curry


by Grace MacPherson, Myles Lack-Zell

Interactive Stairs

by Grace MacPherson, Myles Lack-Zell

Hand Module

by Grace MacPherson, Ryan Habermann

Alzheimer's Past, Present, And Future

by Grace MacPherson, Sasha Rizika