The ARt Museum

Aveen Nagpal and Grace MacPherson
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Many young children have trouble engaging and learning with a topic like art. The ARt Museum is an augmented reality app made to help educators and museums encourage young kids to learn about art, specifically the meaning and creative process behind it. The simple-to-navigate app teaches kids about art through an easy game; first, a teacher connects several phones to a computer “hub” through a simple graphical interface, then the kids go into the art museum and scan a few pieces to add to their collection. When two players scan the same piece, they enter a “battle” in which whoever scanned it first has to answer a question relating to the art; if answered correctly they get to keep their piece, but if they get it wrong the piece goes to the other player. At the end of 30 minutes, the game ends and whichever individual has the most art wins. The System works off a server and client model in which the educator's laptop runs a program that connects and coordinates many client-side apps.