Educational Doll House

The Brief

Janice Tabin

Young children can often have a hard time focusing in class, they can often feel fidgety, hyper, or disinterested if the class seems too or boring or is not hands on enough. I want to make sure kids get the education they deserve while interacting with the information given to them.

I made a room of a traditional Japanese dollhouse to demonstrate this idea. I put many things typically found in a classic Japanese home and learned the proper sizing, name, and any other important facts about them. I wired the room with buttons that when pressed will tell you information about the corresponding object, such as the name in Japanese, and it's main function in the house, etc. This way the students can have a both audible and visual method of learning. I hope this can be a fun and engaging learning experience for kids, that conveys enough information successfully not to replace the classroom setting, but to help children who are struggling along with the process.


Janice Tabin