DIY Prosthetics 2

Elastic of Mass Destruction at Work

Ashley Antico

The Final Leash Hand

Sam Sheer

The Dog Leash Hand help for people who dont have fingers walk their dog. The Hnad helps te person hold and use a retractable leash.

Creating the Elastic of Mass Destruction

Ashley Antico

Swiss Army Utensils Gif

John McNeil

Drum Hand in action

Caroline Leta

Final Elastic of Mass Destruction

Ashley Antico

This is a prosthetic for kids that is designed to be able to shoot a rubber band with one hand. While the person wearing the prosthetic has their hand clamped around the handel in the front, they pull the handel upwards and that causes joint in the middle on the lever to go down, and the end holding the rubber band to go up, therefore releasing the rubber band. 

Our final product

Quentin Hill

Final Design Photos (Swiss Army)

John McNeil

The Swiss Army Utensil is a prosthetic hand which allows users to use basic kitchen utensils. The prosthetic is designed for those who don't have fingers and have trouble using a fork, spoon, or knife. With the utensil attached to a prosthetic hand piece on a joint, the hand peice can move up and down with ease which allows the utensil attached to the hand piece by string to move forward and retract back into its original resting place. 

The Latest Scoop

Jessica Robinson

This is a ball thrower. Wnen you place a ball in the scooper and flick your wrist down quickly it throws the ball about 5 feet. Abby and I first desinged a device which could slap people but then we decided that we needed to make something that would actually be helpful in the long run. Thus came the idea of the ball thrower using some of the design ideas from the slapper. The Lastest Scoop is for people who don't have a hand but still have the motion of their wrist. All of the parts of this machine, exluidng the ball, screws and string, have been designed on the Rhino software.

Our Process

Jessica Robinson