Moe Frumkin and 2 OthersHeidi LIU
Fred CAI

In a world were low gravity helps fast growing trees make huge forests it is very difficult to travel withought being blocked by trees. Forest Saw is programmed to find and cut down the closest tree to it. First we explored ways to move trees including derooting, fire, sawing, hacking, and more.  Fire was not safe so we abandoned that idea. Next we drew possible designs for a vehicle that could cut down


Heidi LIU


Heidi LIU and 2 OthersFred CAI
Moe Frumkin

Segmented Vehicle Demonstration Video

Rosa Weinberg and 3 OthersSamson Mostashari
Jae Lee


Carina FANG and 2 OthersYu SHEN
Crystal CAI

We used wood to cut circles because we wanted to make a groove to hold the stick. 
However, we found the wooden wheel is too heavy for the stick to hold it. So we used a lighter plate. Firstly, we used two plates and two holders to do it. However, we found the platform above couldn't touch the ground, so the vehicle wasn't able to move forward. Then we thought that we could change the plates into gears. We let two gears bite together in a certain angle so that when they turn, the vehicle can move forward.

In order to control the car much more easily, we changed two wheels and two holders into 4 wheels.

We drew something like gears which had convexities. We planned to print them with 3D printer because we can't make it by ourselves.

However we found it difficult to let the two gears turn at different speeds.

So we made the gears turn in different directions to let the vehicle turn right or turn left.

We met a problem that we didn't consider how it could take a turn. With help of our coach , we decided to use two boards connected with hatches.

And now it is the time to make a body.
At first, we decided to add Chinese culture to the body, so we cut something like Yin-Yang. However the shape of the body didn't fit our design. As a result, we gave up it with a pity.

Then we made a body like a birdcage with iron wire. In order to make it prettier, we twined some golden thread on the wire. however, it can not move with the car because it does not have the hatches,  so we need some other thing. 

Finally, we decided to use plastic paper to cut a board. Because it has toughness when the two board close, it can fold itself. And we cut a “GZ” on the board. It’s the abbreviation of our school. 


Carina FANG and 2 OthersYu SHEN
Crystal CAI

The Geared Vehicle is for a time in the future when quicksand covers 90% of the earth. This vehicle is able to elegantly traverse even the most dangerous quicksand pits using its innovative geared wheeled system. The vehicle is able to both go straight and backwards. And by bilaterally disengaging the gears, the vehicle is able to turn left and right. After the Great Sandstorm, human survival will depend on vehicles like this to allow us to continue to traverse great swaths of what is now a giant desert. 



Rosa Weinberg and 3 OthersYu SHEN
Carina FANG
Crystal CAI


Henry Goddard and Barrett DeVaul

Our world was blown apart into many pieces by a nuclear war. The people that survived then tied the world back together using large cables. The people still didn't have a way to move large amounts of goods from floating shard of earth to floating shard of earth. The way that we thought of solving this problem is to create a barge that would be able to travel on the cables to transport goods, we were especially interested in spices.

In the first iteration of our idea we used hooks to attatch a cardboard box to the cable. We were also going to shoot the box out of something to have it travel along the rail. What we found out when we tried this idea was that the hooks created to much tention and the idea to spit the box out was to hard to do because the string/cable would have to be incredibly taught. We planned to use 3D modeled wheels powered by electric motors in our second iteration.

When we tried our second iteration it did work but not as well as it could have. The way that we had attached the wheels with screws and washers meant that the wheels could pop off at any moment and the wheels scrapped the motor when they turned because they were mounted too low. 

Finally, in the third itteration, the vehicle worked well. We put new wheels on it so they could hold onto the line better and we made wheel spacers for the wheels to rest on. This meant that the wheels worked really well. If we had one more day we were making a system for the vehicle to be able to go onto a rail and turn in mid-air.

  Overall, the final design works well and could travel across the floating shards of earth.


Barrett DeVaul and Henry Goddard

Our world exploded into many different pieces. The people who live on this world have since put it back together using large cables, basically making a world out of floating islands. The vehicle that we have designed is meant to be able to travel inbetween the islands on the cables that hold them together. This specific vehicle is actually meant to haul spices around to other islands because spices are the new currency but in general it's just meant to be able to travel inbetween the islands.


Cilla TANG and 2 OthersYining LU
Wendy LIU
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     We are imagining a world that human can' t stay outside. Maybe the planet is too cold, too hot or no air so that if people want to travel to other places, thay have to use our tube vehicles.