Carina FANG and 2 OthersYu SHEN
Crystal CAI
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We used wood to cut circles because we wanted to make a groove to hold the stick. 
However, we found the wooden wheel is too heavy for the stick to hold it. So we used a lighter plate. Firstly, we used two plates and two holders to do it. However, we found the platform above couldn't touch the ground, so the vehicle wasn't able to move forward. Then we thought that we could change the plates into gears. We let two gears bite together in a certain angle so that when they turn, the vehicle can move forward.

In order to control the car much more easily, we changed two wheels and two holders into 4 wheels.

We drew something like gears which had convexities. We planned to print them with 3D printer because we can't make it by ourselves.

However we found it difficult to let the two gears turn at different speeds.

So we made the gears turn in different directions to let the vehicle turn right or turn left.

We met a problem that we didn't consider how it could take a turn. With help of our coach , we decided to use two boards connected with hatches.

And now it is the time to make a body.
At first, we decided to add Chinese culture to the body, so we cut something like Yin-Yang. However the shape of the body didn't fit our design. As a result, we gave up it with a pity.

Then we made a body like a birdcage with iron wire. In order to make it prettier, we twined some golden thread on the wire. however, it can not move with the car because it does not have the hatches,  so we need some other thing. 

Finally, we decided to use plastic paper to cut a board. Because it has toughness when the two board close, it can fold itself. And we cut a “GZ” on the board. It’s the abbreviation of our school.