Alia Attar

Final Presentation

Rumiah Kessel

La Lune Furniture

Alice Evdokimova

Final Presentation

Dustin Grace and Jonathan Grossman

Final Pictures

Malcolm McGraw

Updated Why Statement

Malcolm McGraw

The Goal of ALFRED is to create a home like environment that is comfortable and inviting for the crew of a mission to Mars (or elsewhere) during meals, in order to keep the group happy and strong as a community and team. 

Presentation Instructions

Andrew Todd Marcus and David Wang

You will be creating your presentation on the NuVu Platform.

Things to do/think about:

  • Your presentation should be located in the Portfolio tab of your project.
  • There should be (1) post titled Process with all of the slides.
  • If needed, you can have (1) post of a video of your project in action.
  • All slides should have a title. You can add titles when editing the post
  • With the exception of the Title slide NO TEXT SHOULD APPEAR ON YOUR SLIDES.
  • Only (1) image per slide. NO GOOGLE DOCS!!!
  • Be sure to add your team members as collaborators and make the (2) posts Public.
  • Only one team member can edit a post at a time!
  • Presentations should be no longer than 3 minutes. PRACTICE!

1st Post : Presentation (The name of the post should be the name of your project)

Absolutely no more than 8 Slides!

1 Intention Slide. For build projects, describe the Problem and Solution. For conceptual projects this can be expressed as Intention/Solution. The slide should include the name of the project and a one sentence statement of both the problem and the solution.

Segmented Vehicle
Problem: Design a vehicle for a mountainous world with difficult terrain to traverse.
Solution:  A segmented vehicle with a universal joint system handles mountainous terrain by conforming to the landscape.
1. Precedent Slides. One slide to show conceptual idea. One slide to show mechanical or functional idea.

2. Brainstorming Slide. This should be a clean sketch of your initial ideas. If you do not have a nice drawing or lost yours, create one now!

3. Iteration Slides. These slides should show early prototypes of your design. Focus on big changes. You do not need to show tiny Changes.

4. Final Slides. These should show clean images of your final project.

5. Text: In the text section of your you will include your thesis statement of the project. 



Projects Blog Posts!

Megan Valanidas

Hi Everybody! 

Welcome to your Teams! We are so excited to see what you contribute to the Interplanetary Cookbook. We have created project folders for each team. Please post your daily blog posts here in your own project folder. 

Please begin populating your folder with inspiring images or specific precedents that you have found that are near or 'adjacent' to your project theme. 

For today, create a blog post that has:

  • A refined 'WHY' statement. Remember, this will be your guiding notion. Be as specific here as possible. This statement will likely evolve.
  • Images of ALL today's prototypes
  • Write a sentence (or 3) about your project by responding to the following questions:
    1. What is your PLACE? Where are you designing? 
    2. What are the challenges you are responding to?
    3. Through which lens or strategy are you considering your project? (i.e. 'Food as Display' or 'Food as Story-Telling')
    4. When are you designing for? (is this for the far-future? The near future? Now?)

Laser Chomp

Krishnan Menon and Jai Gardner


Beatrix Picotte