Projects Blog Posts!

Projects Blog Posts!

Megan Valanidas

Hi Everybody! 

Welcome to your Teams! We are so excited to see what you contribute to the Interplanetary Cookbook. We have created project folders for each team. Please post your daily blog posts here in your own project folder. 

Please begin populating your folder with inspiring images or specific precedents that you have found that are near or 'adjacent' to your project theme. 

For today, create a blog post that has:

  • A refined 'WHY' statement. Remember, this will be your guiding notion. Be as specific here as possible. This statement will likely evolve.
  • Images of ALL today's prototypes
  • Write a sentence (or 3) about your project by responding to the following questions:
    1. What is your PLACE? Where are you designing? 
    2. What are the challenges you are responding to?
    3. Through which lens or strategy are you considering your project? (i.e. 'Food as Display' or 'Food as Story-Telling')
    4. When are you designing for? (is this for the far-future? The near future? Now?)