Convertible Alien Recliner


Saeed Arida

Foamcore Model

Rowan Lavelle

What we have now is a half scale model made out of foam core, screws, and wooden dowels, and it is not fabricated. The models of the furniture was all done on sketchup and printed by the laser cutter. What we would like to have for a final product is a full scale face hugger chair made out of compression spring locking devices and the new wooden parts. That is also fabricated. This would allow for a more sturdy chair, and for it to be held in more positions such as a bed, rocking chair, sofa, etc. We have an ok half scale model that could be slightly improved but is still functional. Graeme wanted something that could be a sofa, chair, and a bed but also only made out of one piece that could act as a joint as well. I wanted a clear plastic chair with water in it and LEDS in the bottom for a light show effect. What we thought the project would turn out to be would be a clear plastic sofa with water in it that folded out into a bed and chair, being supported my six spider legs but we have gone through many iterations since then.


Graeme Mills

The last and final studio of the NuVu term was on modular furniture. Starting out in day one we knew we wanted to make something interesting and that stands out. We went through different ideas but settled on making our inspiration the facehugger from the movie “Alien”. We originally wanted the chair to be a chestburster but settled on the facehugger. The reason being is that looking at the skeleton and simply bending the tail to imitate the back of the chair, the body being a seat, and the legs being of course the legs of the chair this creatures universal skeletal structure could be transformed into a piece of modular furniture with ease. A facehugger, for those that are not familiar with the film, is an insect-like or scorpion like creature with eight legs and long tail.