Saeed Arida

Founder and Chief Excitement Officer

Saeed Arida is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of NuVu Studio, a full time innovation school based in Cambridge, MA. NuVu is paving the way for a new studio education model that nurtures students’ creative and innovative skills through project-based collaborative design. NuVu also works with schools to introduce integrated studio programs through the development of innovative curricula, teacher training, and on the ground pedagogical and technical support. The work of NuVu students regularly garnishes national and international media attention through such mainstream and educational outlets as Wired, NPR, Venture Beat, TechCrunch, as well as the White House Science Fair.

Dr. Arida received his PhD in Design Computation as a Presidential Fellow at MIT, where his doctoral research examined the intricacies of the creative process and the nature of creativity. This work, explored how an educational environment can nurture creative learning, formed the pedagogical framework for NuVu. Prior to studying at MIT, he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Damascus University in Syria.