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  • Today we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and its different functions and features. We learned how to scale images, rotates them, how to input different shapes, add text, etc... We also went over what makes a good presentation. We came up with: cute and humorous, clear and simple, visually pleasing, not too many words, not too long, clear design language, animated with music, good story telling with enough technical details, shows are the parts and assembly pieces and is playful. We also learned how to take an image from Rhino and make it more visually pleasing and clear. Using Illustrators different features we changed the diagram to make it easier to comprehend.

  • Today we used Illustrator to create a diagram of a rubik's cube. We leanred about what made a good diagram and presentation. Some of the aspects where having the presentation be clear, simple, and clean. We looked at different presentations to gather ideas about what makes a presnetaion good. The good presenations did not have too many words and showed all the parts of the product. After learning about presentation we took a 3D model of a rubik's cube and edited it on Illustrator. We added text and made the diagram clean and easy to understand.

  • Today we started the day by looking at different presentations for different project people had done in the past. We pointed out what was good and bad about each presentation. After watching a video presentation for "Dog Architecture" that we all agreed was very good, we wrote down the things that made it a good presentation. Our list included: cute and humerous, clear and simple, visually pleasing, not too many words, not too long, clear design and language, animated with music, good storytelling with enough techincal details, shows all the parts and assembly process, and playful. From there we went into illustrator. We started out learning the basics like how to select and expand things and how to draw lines and edit those lines. After we had learned the basics, we started working on something real. We imported a premade diagram of a rubik's cube. We edited the lines and background lines so that everything looked clearer and we changed the colors of certain parts so that they could be easily located. Then we made labels with arrows leading towards the labeled subjects and titled the diagram. 

  • A sketch of one of my favorite pairs of shoes in all of the views like Rhino. 

  • For the homework sketch I drew my favorite pair of shoes, which are my vans. 

  • My favorite pair of shoes are my Birkinstocks. 

  • Today I learned how to use Rhino. We started off by learning the basics of Rhino. Using some basic skills, we created 3D houses. After lunch we created a dinosaur in rhino, that we will be making out of cardboard. We are going to use the laser cutter to cut the cardboard pieces we need to assemble the dinosaur. I'm excited to see how my dinosaur turns out! 

  • This is a screenshot of the dinosaur that I made today. Learning Rhino today was a little more difficult than the other softwares partially because my computer was not working for the first half hour because I could not log in. However, I was able to catch up quicker than I thought. I learned how Rhino can do anything I want it to do as long as I command it. (the right way). I like how I am just able to type in what I want to do and it can be done easily. Even though learning the basics of Rhino was harder than the other softwares, I liked it a lot because I thought it was neat how there were so many options and ways to make things. Something else that I learned about Rhino is how it is always exact and how I can never drag anything because it will then never be where I truly want it to be. I enjoyed learning Rhino and I look forward to being able to use Rhino 3D. 

  • Today's homework is to watch trutorials covering the Illustrator basics. These tutorials guided us through making a logo. The logo used concepts such as color and shape. 

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