Experiment with Gears

Jess Ferreira

Walker wanted to experiment with gears and how they worked. He wanted to include the marble in his experiment. Some problems with this experiement were that not all of the gears fit on to the square board like planned. Some of the holes on the board were not measured correctly and were put in the wrong place.

Marble Box (prototype 2)

Jess Ferreira

The first proto type was made out of acrylic and it had many flaws. The second prototype was made out of wood and it had slits so the box would fit together nicely. The hole for the marble was slightly bigger and it was put together with a screw and nuts. Some improvments that could be made on this protype would be making the top and bottom surface not have hole so the screw would not go all the way through. 


Neil Hildick-Smith

Eli's Destructo-Bot

The Puzzle Box

Neil Hildick-Smith

Owen and Walker's Puzzle Box

Ping-Pong Ball Launcher

Neil Hildick-Smith

Tommy's Ping-Pong Ball Launcher


Amro Arida

What’s more fun that playing with toys? Inventing toys!

In this studio, students will invent their own toys for play and entertainment. Students will work in small teams to collaboratively come up with ideas, and with the help of our coaches, bring their ideas to life. Students will be introduced to the product development process, including brainstorming, sketching, graphic design, industrial design, concept development, modeling, prototyping and aesthetics. Students will also learn about electronics and computer programming, as they will integrate digitally-interactive aspects into their inventions. Whatever the students can think up, they can build. It’s all up to their imagination!