Art for Radical Freedom

Radical Freedom

Andrew Todd Marcus

The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom

Mathew Paul and 3 OthersAveen Nagpal
Teresa Lourie
Micah Reid

Interactive Website

The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom is a concept later created into a website. The website document what we believe to be the most important aspects of freedom; Self Expression, Community, Relationships, Environment, Mobility, Safety, Education and, Politics.

In the Art for Radical Freedom studio we made several collaborative art projects that all culminated in a permeant art exhibit at the Nuvu Underground space. The overarching theme and inspiration of all of our art was The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom. 

When we started the studio we talked about what shaped us and what was important to us. Something universal was freedom. We started thinking about how to represent freedom and what freedom is. We wrote different aspects of freedom on sticky notes and discussed them as a group. We choose the most important aspects and made subdivision for them. For example a subdivision self expression could be the ability to say no. Each subdivision has a quote and image that goes along side it. 

This concept of freedom was our guide not only when making the mural but throughout our discussions, thought process and, collaborative creation of the exhibit. 

Exquisite Cadavers

Andrew Todd Marcus and 4 OthersJulian Slama
Aveen Nagpal
Teresa Lourie
Mathew Paul

Exquisite Cadavers is a collaborative art project of fantastical creatures. Each creature consists of body parts made by different people that are all put together. 

In the Art for Radical Freedom studio we made several collaborative art projects that all culminated in a permeant art exhibit at the Nuvu Underground space. One of the final projects displayed at the underground was Exquisite Cadavers. Exquisite Cadavers also known as Exquisite Corpses is a style of art where a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence. Our Exquisite Cadavers was a way to make characters that personified objects and surprised the viewer. The main theme of our cadavers was comic pathos, art that  blends tragic and comic elements. We tried the keep the art style somewhat consistent throughout the Cadavers and all learned how to use this cartoon style in Photoshop. 

Through the creation of the Cadavers we explored the creative process and collaboration, we used these skill when making other aspects of our exhibit including our mural. We used the chaos of art on purpose when making the Cadavers to add fantastical elements, personality and unique aesthetic to the characters. We also used this chaos in our mural and throughout our studio. 

The Collapse of Chaos

Andrew Todd Marcus and 4 OthersTeresa Lourie
Matthew Rosenblum
Mathew Paul
Aveen Nagpal

We collectively as a group have decided not to publish any full final photos of the mural. Throughout our process, we studied the effect that photography has on art and through this feel that pictures distort the art itself and the environment that it is present in. 

Artist Statement - The Collapse of Chaos

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” 

- Joseph Campbell

The Collapse of Chaos is our collaborative artistic journey into the unknown abyss of the NuVu underground that begins with a simple prompt:



NounThe state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. 

The ability to change an entire space by painting a mural on the walls and ceiling. 

The capability to think without limits by fighting our inner demons. 

The permission you give yourself to do something different, creative, difficult, and exciting. 

Modelled after Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey, The Collapse of Chaos is the result of the many different stages and iterations it went through to eventually become the ever-growing beast in front of your eyes. Just as the hero goes through the walk to the unknown - we went through an experience of unknown goals and prospects for this project. As we progressed through this studio a path was illuminated as our creation spoke to us and gave us direction.


Our group started with the literal definition of freedom and we embraced that concept by integrating it into our project ideas. We quickly realized the only way for us to truly embrace freedom was to say let go of the planning and preconceived notions and just go for it using our intuition, constantly resolving it aesthetically and conceptually.  


And so we began our journey, painting creatures that manifested our interpretations and experiences of freedom. The pink color of the walls around us guided with the spirit and energy of NuVu; the black and white additions highlighted the contrast and harmony of light versus dark, serious versus humor and good versus evil. 

Inspiration from Graffiti artist Eko Nugroho and collaboration with Raghava KK shaped the production of this fantastical and occasionally terrifying world. Characters emerged from these influences- embodying our struggles with mobility, openness, and dualism stemming from internal conflicts. Through the ups and downs, spirited debates, and cycles of painting then whiting out, we learned about each other, our environment, and ultimately we were able to produce the piece you see today.


We invite you to interact with this piece and add your own struggles and conflicts to the landscape we have created. It is through collaboration and openness that we find the strength to persevere and excel through hardship.

Art for Radical Freedom

Micah Reid and 3 OthersTeresa Lourie
Matthew Rosenblum
Mathew Paul