The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom

The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom

Mathew Paul and 3 OthersAveen Nagpal
Teresa Lourie
Micah Reid

Interactive Website

The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom is a concept later created into a website. The website document what we believe to be the most important aspects of freedom; Self Expression, Community, Relationships, Environment, Mobility, Safety, Education and, Politics.

In the Art for Radical Freedom studio we made several collaborative art projects that all culminated in a permeant art exhibit at the Nuvu Underground space. The overarching theme and inspiration of all of our art was The Periodic Table of Radical Freedom. 

When we started the studio we talked about what shaped us and what was important to us. Something universal was freedom. We started thinking about how to represent freedom and what freedom is. We wrote different aspects of freedom on sticky notes and discussed them as a group. We choose the most important aspects and made subdivision for them. For example a subdivision self expression could be the ability to say no. Each subdivision has a quote and image that goes along side it. 

This concept of freedom was our guide not only when making the mural but throughout our discussions, thought process and, collaborative creation of the exhibit.