Exquisite Cadavers

Andrew Todd Marcus and 4 OthersJulian Slama
Aveen Nagpal
Teresa Lourie
Mathew Paul

Exquisite Cadavers is a collaborative art project of fantastical creatures. Each creature consists of body parts made by different people that are all put together. 

In the Art for Radical Freedom studio we made several collaborative art projects that all culminated in a permeant art exhibit at the Nuvu Underground space. One of the final projects displayed at the underground was Exquisite Cadavers. Exquisite Cadavers also known as Exquisite Corpses is a style of art where a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence. Our Exquisite Cadavers was a way to make characters that personified objects and surprised the viewer. The main theme of our cadavers was comic pathos, art that  blends tragic and comic elements. We tried the keep the art style somewhat consistent throughout the Cadavers and all learned how to use this cartoon style in Photoshop. 

Through the creation of the Cadavers we explored the creative process and collaboration, we used these skill when making other aspects of our exhibit including our mural. We used the chaos of art on purpose when making the Cadavers to add fantastical elements, personality and unique aesthetic to the characters. We also used this chaos in our mural and throughout our studio.