Teen Drinking:The Gap between truth and actions

Teen Party Scene Podcast

Adam Steinberg and 2 OthersBenjamin Snyder
Lisa Winshall

Final Post

Lisa Winshall and Benjamin Snyder

In this studio, our goal was to make a podcast that covered a topic that was relevant and important. We started by brainstorming for multiple hours and going through each idea to see which was suitable. After many, many discussions we finally agreed that covering teen substance abuse would be the best option for us and our circumstances. More specifically we decided to cover the gap between what parents know about their kids and their substance habits , and what their kids are actually doing.

Our circumstances included limited time and resources, so we figured we would have a much easier time getting sources (ex: our friends, and friends parents) doing teen substance abuse, than we would doing something that required sources we didn’t know who were potentially unreliable. Even futher, our friends would give us the honest truth- knowing they had security- and we would also potentially have acess to their parents.

The interview process was a great experience for us. We interviewed our own parents, parents of our friends, and many friends that are our age. The interviews weren’t too long individually but as we started to interview more and more people it became slightly tedious to keep listening to so much information that sounded so similar. It was very fun to interview different parents. The topic of drinking and drugs is not so common when it comes to speaking to our friends parents, and our parents. Because of that, it was a very fun experience to partake in. Because this topic is slightly more common when we're talking around our friends it felt pretty normal when we interviewed them. We thought that was actually in our favor because it made the interviews much more natural which assured that the information we got was organic.

The editing process began with extensive listening and relistening of over an hour of interviews. After knowing what we had to work with we began thinking through how we wanted our story to go. After making a timeline of events and very thoroughly detailing how we were going to tell our story we began going to work. At first we just found the best clips of each interview. Immediately following that we recorded our voices for transition pieces and our intro and outro. Next we chose our songs, which we immediately knew we wanted to be comedic to add some fun to our piece. After everything was ready to go we began piecing everything together. After endless hours of making our podcast it became time to do the final edits. This was definitely the hardest part. It took us a couple of days to really fine tune our piece and make it something we were proud of. In the end all the work that was frustrating, became very worth it.