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Sydney Blackburn and Justin Clark

Project Fast! Hugo Fowler & Hisashi Lonske

Hisashi Lonske and Hugo Fowler
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Project FAST is a thrilling and entertaining experience specifically designed to bring people closer during quarantine or afterwards. The project is a launch silo and magnetic pod. The launch silo utilizes electromagnets as a sort of slingshot to propel the pod with the users inside into low earth orbit. This not only facilitates adrenaline, but also bonding between people. The project may also have many practical applications such as package delivery.


Trent tallarico and Brent Bookwalter

Birthday parties are representations of growth, maturity, and a new year. This day is special to everyone but because of the coronavirus, people don’t celebrate the same way they used to. Birthday Parties Re-Imagined aims to make pandemic-birthday-parties seem even better than before the outbreak. The design explores different birthday party scenarios and incorporates different tactics to use while having fun with friends and family. First, when greeting guests, users can use “Extendo Arms” so they don’t get too close to anyone. Second, when blowing the candles out on the cake, users can utilize a hairdryer instead of their mouth. This is a better option because when a user blows out their candles with their mouth, they are likely to spread germs. Third, to cut the cake users have the option of a six-foot-long cake knife, ensuring that party-goers keep their distance. Finally, to pass out the cake, a drone delivers slices to each user.

The pieces of Birthday Parties Re-Imagined are all made from household items like broomsticks, pots, belts, or hairdryers to modify traditional birthday party practices. The designs keep users safe, while still being able to have a fun, non-virtual birthday party. 


Justin Clark

Building Connections is an interactive art installation that allows people to make connections about how certain aspects of their life make them feel. This allows people in their community to come together and build a sense of unity by anonymously responding to thought-provoking prompts.

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Project Description: Growing Connections is an indoor gardening system that connects users by encouraging them to communicate in order to successfully grow their gardens. The system bridges social division caused by COVID-19, eases anxiety, and provides a sense of purpose for users through the shared experience of coordinated gardening.

One way to pass out cake

Brent Bookwalter

this is a video of one way to pass out the cake (on a long Board)


Katia Zolotovsky


Part 1. COLLECT: 

Think about all of the new shared experiences created during the pandemic that didn't exist before. Make a list describing each in one sentence, you can list some of the examples we showed and come up with your own. 

Part 2. FOCUS 

Speak with your assigned partner to get feedback, describe what you are interested, and focus in on one experience.


Create an instruction manual for one of the shared experiences you collected. Imagine you need to send visual instructions of this experience to the pre-pandemic self. Include enough details and steps needed to recreate this experience.


Look at the examples we posted, choose a style or invent your own → Focus on the elements and details of the experience → Sketch for 15-20 minutes → Create a digitalized graphic → Document, document, document


Upload the instruction manual you created to the response tab (anything underlined will be clickable) of this assignment. 

Tutorials To Watch

Rhino to Illustrator by Amanda

We will be online after lunch for those who want to talk, but it is not required, you are free to just work on the project and post when completed.

Thank you!