Robo Transport (ADVANCED @MIT)

Robo Transport (ADVANCED@MIT)

Saba Ghole
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*ADVANCED STUDIO - Recommended for High School Students, Post-High School Gap Year Students and/or Returning NuVu Students*

There is a new class of transportation devices that are combining personal movement and breakthrough mechanical technologies. One Wheel Hoverboard, Ninebot Mini, Inmotion V3Pro Unicycle Scooter - all of these lightweight electric scooters are bringing responsive, hands-free, self-balancing, app-connected technology to personalized transport, allowing individuals to glide across rough or uneven terrains with ease. How will personalized transportation devices of the future service our everyday mobility needs while responding to individual requirements? In this studio, you’ll be the designer-engineer-roboticist, envisioning the future of Robo Transport!

Robo Transport is NuVu’s test lab for the next generation personalized mobility vehicle. In this studio, you’ll work in small teams to concept and build a device that moves a user in a unique way. You’ll begin by examining the needs of a particular group of people, i.e. delivery personnel, sports coach, grocery store clerk or other user of your choice, and then design and build a transportation device that matches their needs while bringing a unique edge to the market. You’ll look at creative ways to design the chassis-envelope-wheel system, as well as incorporate the motor and electronics components. Then it’s time to test out your creations on the roadways!


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:


  Physics (Electricity, Magnetism)




   Robotics (Arduino)

  Sensors & Actuators

   Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

   3d Modeling


  • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
    • High School Student
    • Post-High School Gap Year Student
    • Returning NuVu Student