Upper Management

Beckett Munson and Finn Mayeux

Upper Management

By Beckett Munson and Finn Mayeux

Upper Management is an interactive, horror visual novel starring Tim, A mild-mannered office worker who has an epiphany that he is throwing away his life to something that will amount to nothing. This prompts him to impulsively quit. After quitting Tim goes into the office to collect his stuff, there Tim finds strange happenings. We want this story to be a message to the player that their time on earth is both fleeting and precious, and that finding something to amount to is integral to having a fulfilling and happy life.

Hidden Flora

Lalita Bellach and Rowan McCrea

Hidden Flora

By Lalita and Rowan

Hidden Flora is an interactive installation that can change and develop throughout a performance. Triggered by movement, the different pieces expand and contract in size with its geometric patterns and design. When taking a closer look when the flower-like design opens, when approaching the installation, a geometric pattern is revealed signifying the culture being revealed and hidden during certain times.

CNC Holography

Evan Johnston and Elijah Rhyne

CNC Holography

By Evan Johnston and Elijah Rhyne

Abrasion Holography is a technique that creates pseudo-3d images using the anisotropic properties of curved grooves in a reflective material. We wrote software to create groove patterns from stl 3D models. Then we used an engraving tool attached to the head of a 3D printer to engrave the patterns of pieces of plastic.

Resonance Presentation

Miriam Lourie and 2 OthersSasha Hill
Luca Rudenstine


Miriam Lourie, Luca Rudenstine & Sasha Hill

An illuminating concert experience


Max Berbeco and Max Berbeco

Ghost Stories

By Max

Connection 2.0 - Final-Review Presentation

Rajveer Parekh

Connection is a wearable prosthetic that helps Bharatanatyam dancers connect with their audience while also adding an exciting new layer to the dance. The audience wearable makes use of Peltier tiles to translate emotions/stories onto a temperature spectrum to make the audience feel the story rather than simply telling them story.

- Dance Video (Inspiration) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLCK1dmn2qc

- Detailed Analysis of the Dance titled "Revelations: Celebrating LGBTQ Stories Through Bharathanatyam Dance" - https://www.figma.com/file/DRdVvn66dgycpQqERNmRU3/Case-Study-Analysis

Expedition Presentation

Jack McSwain and Hide


Jack & Hide

Final Presentation


This is a presentation for mid review


Mathew Paul and Mathew Paul

Archetypes Tarot

Mathew Paul

Fall 2021


Mathew Paul

Archetypes Tarot

Mathew Paul

Fall 2021

Not That Time

Trevor McDonald and Trevor McDonald

Source: Not That Time

By Trevor McDonald