Intergenerational Playscapes

Recipe For Play

Anara Magavi and jiao jiao scott

´╗┐Accessible Play for the Elderly through Storytelling

An intergenerational playscape for the elderly and kids that was modeled for the Youville Assisted Living Home in Cambridge. The playground uses elements from well-known stories in order to create a storytelling experience for both generations. The playground is accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities with multiple areas of play and rest.

Teardrop Playground

Nadine Zaza and 2 OthersMiriam Lourie
Thomas Galletti

The Teardrop Playground is a surrealist play experience, where users can travel through a forest of raindrops.

Final presentation

Nadine Zaza and Luke Gunter

The Playgarden is a space meant to build connections within a community, between the different people of a community, and bridge the gap between the artificial and natural community. One tool we utilized to accomplish this through the use of inclusive design, a style of accessible design that focuses on not just making the product an able body thing that disabled people can now interact with, but something for both able-bodied people and disabled people. Another tool we used was the actual garden space, this was to the more human/artificial community interact with the local natural community.  The final product was an inclusive community space.

Final presentation

Nadine Zaza

Studio Final Presentation 

Walking through 'Circles'

Luca Rudenstine and 2 OthersDeclan McEnerney
Rowan McCrea

Walking Through 'Circles'

Link to presentation video: start time: 59:21 end time: 1:07.53

Walking in 'Circles' Brief

Luca Rudenstine and 2 OthersDeclan McEnerney
Rowan McCrea

Walking through 'Circles': A labyrinth experience based off of Mac Millers posthumous album 'Circles,' located above the reflection pool in downtown Boston. 

The emotions and connections formed through music are an extremely powerful emotional unifier. Different rhythms, melodies, and lyrics influence traditions, cultures, and even mental health. Although modern technology has been able to create experiences for deaf people where they can feel the vibrations of a song, very few emotional interpretations exist. Inspired by our love and own personal experiences of Mac Miller's posthumous album 'Circles,' we decided to compose a space where one can walk through the album as if listening to the songs. Using design inspired by Mac's lyrics about going in and out of depression, or as he describes "swimming in circles," the installation incorporates swings, a glass maze, and points of reflection to allow people to physically walk through his album. Designed with the purpose of inclusivity for different sense abilities, the installation creates a space where deaf and people hard-of-hearing can go through the emotional experience of listening to Mac's work. 

Rhino Commands

Andrew Todd Marcus
Rhino Commands.pdf