Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 2

Innovation Camp for Educators

Saeed Arida and Saba Ghole

Our Innovation Camp engages participants in innovation education through first hand experience in the studio environment. We empower educators to develop clear action plans to introduce and enhance creative learning in schools.


What You Will Learn

During our Innovation Camp for Educators, participants will have the opportunity to experience NuVu’s studio learning first hand. Through interactive discussion sessions, we will share our studio methodology and participants will have the opportunity to consult with our passionate team on how the methodology can be applied to:

  • Design Studios, Innovation Labs, Maker Spaces, Entrepreneurship Centers, Research & Design Center
  • School Programs (STEM, STEAM, Project-based Learning, Global Leadership, Design Technology, Entrepreneurship Program)
  • Curricular Areas (Math, Science, Art, Robotics, History, Social Science etc.)

Included in the Innovation Camp is a 3-day Mini-Studio where participants will experience the studio model while gaining a working understanding of the skills, tools, media and professional level software we use at NuVu to support the design process; this includes 3D modeling and 3D printing, rapid-prototyping, visual design, electronics, storytelling, animation, and graphics. By employing creative problem solving on a project that can be applied within your respective school, classroom or home setting, participants will gain a deeper understanding of iterative design and the innovation process.

During the week, participants will learn more about our curriculum and focus on the collaborative design approach. Participants will also gain a deeper understanding into how student projects at NuVu integrate applied math, art, science, engineering, social sciences, music, architecture, industrial design, computer science, biology and technology as part of a larger design goal.

Our Model

NuVu is an innovation school for middle and high school students whose pedagogy is based on the architectural studio model in which students learn through project-based collaborative design. Through engagement in real-world multi-disciplinary design projects, middle and high school students solve problems and create innovative products through rigorous brainstorming, collaboration, iteration, and experimental methodologies. Through this rigorous design process, students develop their innovation skills, creativity and critical thinking.

Who Should Attend

If you are a teacher, administrator, technology director, district leader, instructional coach/facilitator, organizer, maker, design enthusiast or professional with an interest in design education or the innovation process, then our Innovation Camp is for you!


We will be running two Sessions of our Innovation Camp for Educators this Summer. Each Session has a capacity of 20 participants.

Session 1: Monday, June 20 to Friday, June 24, 2016 - 9am to 3pm with lunch break from 12-1pm
Session 2: Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1, 2016 - 9am to 3pm with lunch break from 12-1pm


DAY 1: NuVu’s Studio Pedagogy and Methodology

Participants will learn about NuVu’s studio model and pedagogy in depth. There will be opportunities for discussion of this pedagogy within the larger educational context.

DAY 2-4: Hands-on Studio Experience

Participants will engage in a 3-day Mini-Studio experience (a shorter version of NuVu’s typical 2-week Studio Module) and will go through the design process of brainstorming, developing, and building a project. With the support of NuVu Coaches (visiting innovators and experts in their field), participants will advance their ideas through a critical, iterative design process.

DAY 5: Reflection & In-School Focus

With feedback and support from the NuVu Team, participants will spend the final day developing an actionable plan for how to integrate a project idea, framework or module into their school or personal context.


The cost for the Summer Innovation Camp for Educators is $1750 per participant and includes all materials and supplies for projects. Lunch is NOT included. Each participant is required to bring their own laptop to the program each day.


We encourage schools and organizations to organize small teams to participate in the Innovation Camp for Educators for maximum effectiveness. Our hands-on Innovation Camp enables teams to uncover ideas and develop a plan of action to execute back at their home school.

In order to register, please email us at wtih "Innovation Camp" in the title, and we will send you a form to fill with the names of participants or number of spots that your school would like to confirm and the Session date.

Registration for NuVu’s Innovation Camp for Educators closes on May 31st, 2016. Registration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis and guaranteed once schools or participants send their final payment. 

Final payments must be made by check and received in full by May 1, 2016 otherwise the spot(s) will be forfeited to another participant or school on the waitlist. Please make your check payable to NuVu, and mail the payment to:

NuVu Studio
450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

If you have questions or are interested in enrolling in the Innovation Camp, please email us at


Led by dynamic and passionate members of the NuVu Team and Coaching staff, participants will leave the Innovation Camp for Educators with an actionable plan and infused with innovation skills. NuVu Coaches come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of expertise; Coaches include PhD students at MIT and Harvard, entrepreneurs who have their own companies, artists working around the world, and professionals developing innovative products in various fields. Please visit our Team page to learn more about our permanent staff, who we are, our diverse expertise, and other things we love to do!


Who should attend the Innovation Camp for Educators?
If you are a teacher, administrator, technology director, district leader, instructional coach/facilitator, organizer, maker, design enthusiast or professional with an interest in design education or the innovation process, then our Innovation Camp is for you. If you are eager to build new things, use technology in novel ways, and curious and ready to learn in a new way, then you will find the camp to be an extremely enriching experience.

Where is NuVu located?
NuVu shares a building with Central Square Theatre. The entrance to the building is set back from the main street and located in the building between CCTV and Moksa. Our address is:

450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

How can I get to NuVu?
NuVu is a 3 minute walk from the T stop at Central Square (Red Line). There are a number of bus connections including the #1 Bus.

Is there parking?
Metered parking spots are available in front of the building. Garage parking is available on 22 Green Street; near the Shaws Supermarket.

What are the hours of the Innovation Camp?
The studio day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break in between.

What supplies do the participants need to bring?
Participants should bring a laptop to the studio each day. Laptops will be taken back home at the end of the day. Participants are encouraged to bring an unlined sketchbook and writing utensils (pencils or pens). NuVu will supply all equipment, tools and supplies needed by the participants during the week.

What is the recommended attire?
Participants should dress in comfortable attire that can also withstand some hands-on work in “The Garage,” NuVu’s tool shop. Participants should wear closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops). We recommend bringing an extra sweater; it might get cold in our space due to the AC over the Summer.