Open Innovation Spring 2020


Jeremy Jacobson

Millions of people are exercising at any given moment, exerting extreme levels of energy which then disperses into the air around them in various forms. However, what if this energy was able to be channeled into usable electricity? In open innovation, that is exactly what I sought to do. I made a generator that is powered by the moving wheel of a stationary bike. Pedaling this bike at a medium speed creates enough energy to charge 6 phones at a time, giving users concrete goals and motivation within their training because of additional benefits of exercising for longer. Of course, this electricity all comes from a clean source, and can potentially help reduce users' carbon footprint.

inTouch Final Presentaztion

Brandon Olsen

I believe physical engagement is an essential piece of mental well-being. In my opinion physical interaction is deteriorating. Growing up, my elementary school banned tag from the playground due to liabilities. Not to mention the Covid-19 quarantine where interaction was condemned. I am trying to achieve physical interaction without physical presence. I believe this product can be used by anyone, especially people seeking a therapeutic aid.

Final Presentation

Thomas Galletti
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Birthday Germ Free

Brent Bookwalter and Trent tallarico
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How To Birthday allows people to experience birthday parties 10x better than they would before the pandemic. Our app would allow people to experience a great birthday without any stress.


Birthday parties are representations of growth, maturity, and a new year. This day is special to everyone but because of the coronavirus, people don’t celebrate the same way they used to. Birthday Parties Re-Imagined aims to make pandemic-birthday-parties seem even better than before the outbreak. The design explores different birthday party scenarios and incorporates different tactics to use while having fun with friends and family. First, when greeting guests, users can use “Extendo Arms” so they don’t get too close to anyone. Second, when blowing the candles out on the cake, users can utilize a hairdryer instead of their mouth. This is a better option because when a user blows out their candles with their mouth, they are likely to spread germs. Third, to cut the cake users have the option of a six-foot-long cake knife, ensuring that party-goers keep their distance. Finally, to pass out the cake, a drone delivers slices to each user.

The pieces of Birthday Parties Re-Imagined are all made from household items like broomsticks, pots, belts, or hairdryers to modify traditional birthday party practices. The designs keep users safe, while still being able to have a fun, non-virtual birthday party. 


Kyle Yung
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Nora Inu is a 2D platformer video game that explores the gap between the wealthy and poor physically through rings dividing a city. It also works off the difficult decisions that go into leading a nation and the idea that things aren’t always as they seem. After discovering the President's motives, you decide to leave. Your goal is to make your way out the city and into the next one over. Each ring will have a boss fight, each with unique sets of skills and moves. At the end of the game, you discover that the place you thought of as a haven, is actually a place far grimmer than your home. You were running away from the haven and turned your face to the darkness.


Amanda O'Keefe and 2 OthersCaden Popiel
Noah Browne
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The project we are constructing is a soccer goal made for a workspace that provides an activity with little movement but allows fidgeting, helping our client focus more on their work. It’s adjustable allowing the participant(s) to fit it to any size workspace. It provides an alternative way to focus and not be bored.

Bike Generator Final Presentation

Jeremy Jacobson
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Who Get's COVID-19 Tests?

Amanda O'Keefe and 2 OthersNicholas Reisner
Dylan Keenan

Robust COVID-19 testing is important because it leads to quick identification of cases, quick treatment for those people, and immediate isolation to prevent spread. Considering the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 illness being reported for racial and ethnic minorities, has adequate testing not been provided? Through visual and analytical investigation of testing and demographic data from state health departments and the United States Census Bureau, inequality in testing may be revealed. 

After collecting data for 11 states, the data was parsed using Google Sheets and analyzed using Matlab.

Mimic App

Trevor McDonald

The Mimic App

Have Fun Make Mistakes

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Will Fosnot

Brief: Mimic is an interactive app that allows you to try and mimic something that someone else made without instructions. Mimic is a fun, hands-on activity where you can try to mimic several different things and solve difficult puzzles while having fun with family and friends.

          While everyone is stuck at home, everyone's life gets boring, and when people are bored they tend to go on their phone. Since everyone’s life has become digital this app allows you to still have some parts digital but the real fun is hands on and in person. This app is a way where people could attempt to build something that has no instructions, struggle, laugh, have fun, and feel productive with friends and family. Inside the app people could try to mimic something by themselves, work on one with a friend, create something new and interesting for other people to try to build. If you don’t have the proper materials, no need to worry, you could try digital mode and make a mimic and post it digitally. It is an app meant for all ages and helps spark your creative mind. It also helps relieve some of the stress you're feeling during these tough times.