Release Notes, Thursday, April 30

Saeed Arida

New Features

The whole app was rewritten from scratch to optimize for speed and get rid of all legacy code. 

A. Slide editor

1. HTML container

  • Unlike the previous gallery that only had images, the new slide editor is a HTML container that can render a wide range of media (text, images, videos, gifs)
  • Slide thumbnails: They are accessible directly from the bottom bar of the slide editor. In edit mode, the user can rearrange the slide thumbnails, create new slides, rearrange their order, delete slides. 
  • Captions: Can be added directly on the bottom bar of the editor
  • Posts can be Saved before they are Published.

2. Media hub

  • The media hub is the central location where all media is stored before being placed in the slide editor. 
  • Categories: Media, Camera, Embed, Fetch
  • Unused images can be deleted from the media hub. 
  • Coaches will be able to see all the content that has been uploaded to the media hub. Students can only see their own uploads and their collaborators in the project. 

3. Templates

  • Templates will be the same throughout the site 
  • Only school admins can currently manage the creation, updating, and deleting of templates
  • To create a slide from a template, go to slide thumbnails and choose "add slide from a template"

B. Optimized mobile view

The mobile version was stripped down on purpose for ease of use. Currently, users upload media directly into the post bypassing the media hub. It is meant to allow students to directly upload pictures they have taken on their phones.  

C. Grading

The Grading scaffolding was completely rebuilt to provide flexibility in grading criteria (skills or competencies) and grading scales, fully customizable for each school. 

D. Improved overall design and flow

All of the setting pages have been redesigned (school, studio, and project).

Improved features

  1. Cloning studios
  2. Multi-section studios
  3. Collaboration between studios
  4. Terms

Future work (next 6 months)

Slide Editor 

  1. Undo
  2. Full screen edit mode
  3. Coediting of the slide show
  4. Snapping to objects
  5. Shapes
  6. Commenting on slides
  7. Sketching
  8. Speaker notes
  9. Import/export


  1. Calendar tab
  2. Tracking text changes and coediting
  3. Toolbox
  4. Laserqueue
  5. Transcripts