Shoulder Pad Diagram and Sample Code

Mandy Gordon

In Action

Saeed Arida

Galaxy Overview

Mandy Gordon

The Smarter Fashion studio had an end goal of creating professional looking garments that had technology incorporated into them. Emmy, Mandy and Kate's inspiration to create a pair of modern galaxy leggings came from the 80s and todays fashion world. There had a lot of brainstorming sessions, but our end decision was to make leggings that were galaxy print and that had light up stars, and a shirt made entirely of black pyramids.  In addition to this, the shirt would have two larger sized pyramids as shoulder pads, and these would open and close to reveal a laser star projection.

This studio allowed the team to use high fashion and technology all together. None of the team was familiar with the computer programs that enabled leggings to light up, or the shoulder pads to open. This was a problem that affected the entire group, but with the help of their coach, Sean, learning about the technology was more interesting that any of them could imagine.

Emmy focused mainly on the technical side of our project, and Kate worked mostly on the leggings. Lastly Mandy created the shirt for this outfit. We encountered many problems throughout the process. For example, it was hard getting the shoulder pads to open up exactly at the right angle while projecting the laser. Also, weaving the LED's through the leggings and hand sewing the pyramids on were difficult. We had to think of many different ways to overcome these obstacles in order for the project to work.

The audience’s reaction to the outfit was really good, and when the shoulder pads opened there was a lot of 'ooing’ and ‘aahing'. Overall, the team had a really great time in this studio and discovered some of their unlikely strengths!