Resonance Brief

Luca Rudenstine

Resonance: a three-part wearable collection which creates an intimate musical experience between audience members and musicians. 

Each garment in the Resonance collection amplifies both the visuals and physicalness of a concert. Using vibrational nodes connected to an Arduino Uno, the sound waves from an amp are synthesized into frequencies which are then transmitted into the body through the nodes to create a physically immersive experience. In the age of COVID-19, social distance restrictions have limited the amount of connection people can have in music venues. Dancing together, touching sweaty shoulders with strangers, and mosh pits are concert experiences that are no longer safe with the health implications of todays world. Resonance would allow concert go-ers to feel the music in their body, creating a physical sensation beyond auditory. The elaborate body jewelry component of the pieces act as an extension of the set and lighting at shows -- making each audience member a key part of the visual experience. The connection between the music pouring out of the amps and the vibrational sensations directly creates an intimate connection between the musician and the audience member.