NuVu Tools

Saeed Arida and 3 OthersCole Kissam
Remi Shore
Harper Mills


Remi Shore and 2 OthersCole Kissam
Harper Mills

After the Hacking NuVu: Space studio we had previously participated in we returned to our project with several goals in mind. First, we decided that our frame should be re-cut and re-designed for thin wood. Our previous prototype, while incredibly sturdy, was too heavy and used an unnecessary amount of wood. Secondly, we made a bottom support piece too long and it interfered with the table legs. The other problems and goals were in regards to the modules. The tool module couldn't be brought back and forth from the shop because the tools weren't held securely enough. The laptop module needed to be bigger and the attachment element (what would hold onto the frame) needed to be much stronger. Finally, we decided to design an outlet module that would attach to an extension cord on the floor. 

When working on the attachment element of the laptop module we arrived at our current attachment design for all our modules. Previously, the overhangs that attached to the frame were constructed in a way that put most of the weight on the glue joints. We decided that designing the overhangs so that most of the weight was on the wood itself would create a much stronger attachment. You can see in the pictures above the tabs that come out from the side pieces, with one side having a 3mm notch for the frame it attaches to. We also added a new element to the frame: a middle divider that keeps the wood from warping.