Final images

Saeed Arida

Live Glass

Natalie Ferry and Zachary Herman

Live Glass interprets the colorful shadows produced by stained glass found in the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and transforms them into a wearable piece that can be experienced by both the model and the audience. This wearable looks at color and light and the relationship between the two when water is added. The piece is made up of three parts: a central frame that holds the “stained glass” pieces, the “stained glass” made from heat-sealed vinyl pouches that hold dyed water inside, and a lighting system to cast shadows. Live Glass, inspired by the stain glass piece on display in the museum, is meant to challenge the way that art is typically viewed. In order to make the artwork feel more alive, the piece will be worn and shown off, casting ever-changing shadows. The user wears the piece around their waist and uses the attached lighting system to cast shadows onto themselves and the floor. The shadows produced by the piece are variegated which adds a new level of complexity and attraction to the piece. The variegated shadows are produced by shinning an led light through the pouches of dyed water. The effect that is created is similar to when sunlight reflects on a pool. Live Glass is to be worn in multiple fashion shows, including one at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and two for Boston fashion week.