Process: Projection Tubes/ Light Pyramids (Beverly Nwankwo)

Our group focused on the “Mega Lights” aspect of the portable party machine - designing a mobile piece based around the experience of changing patterns of light. We started by brainstorming and consulting one another on the pros and cons of each design,sketch, and idea we had for the Mega Lights section. Afterwards, we came up with a good list of materials and supplies that we needed for the pyramid, but then realized that some of the materials that were needed could easily be made in the tool shop. Beverly tested materials for the projection tube, a detail inside the pyramid that shows a reflection with LED and cool reflection paper.

Towards the end of first week, our group decided to change the shape of the projection tube, from a circle to a triangle. This would change Beverly’s whole criteria of brainstorming because she would have to change the locations of tbe LED lights and materials. It came to our attention that by having  smaller triangles in the bigger triangles, would project a more  efficient effect of the lights.

It regularly happened that the design would change as a result to the measurements of the triangles being  moved to a different location on the pyramid. Each day there was something different for Beverly to change or add to the design. For instance, during the first week as a group we failed to take measurement of the objects that were going in and out of the triangle. Furthermore beverly took measurements of every single object being placed on/in the pyramid, in order for josh to make adjustments so that everything can fit. SHe then, worked on rhino with Saeed and gradually got a better understanding of it. And day by day, she  went through various of designs for the triangle to see which one our  group had preferred. In essence she spent all her time on rhino, which seemed to be an interesting experience.

Rhino had many glitches, which made it very stressful in terms of designing the triangles. During the final days we were all very anxious to see the outcome of the triangle projection lights.. It was clear to me that my designs needed to be perfect and concise,  because Beverly’s triangles projected majority of the lights in the project; but the process of making these designs were difficult. We were challenged by our coaches to make the design perfect, because it made us not settle for anything less.