Process: Body Design

Max Ingersoll

As the overall design team progressed I took on the responsibility of the body design, prototyping, fabrication, and overall coordination of parts.


The design team provided me with an initial sketch for the overall look of the robot. I began the design process by creating a 3-D model, in Rhino, based on the sketch. I then laser cut a scaled down flat version of the model out of paper and assembled it into a 1/4 scale model, I did this to help the other groups visualize the look of the robot.


My next step was to make a new 3-D model of the robot with which I could laser cut and put together into a structure. In order to do this I had to account for the thickness of plywood and the angle at which the wood would rest. After I designed the new model we thought of a new design in which there would be a wooden frame for each of the sides and we would screw HDPE (High-density polyethylene) over the frame. This way we could have LEDs on the inside of the robot.

Next I worked on the problem of designing a bracket which has two uses; Holding the frame of the robot together and holding up a shelf which would be put up in the middle of the robot to hold the electronics. I created two iterations of the bracket but do to time constraints I had to come up with a quick solution for the problem of holding the frame together. I did this by laser cutting a piece of plastic for each edge and I attached one end of it to one panel and the other end to the other panel.