Gabriel Traietti
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Our goal was to crate a flying objeect that wasent a plane or a quadcopter. When we first got our group we didnt really have any idea of what our objest would be. At first we brainstormemed a list of things that we wanted it to be. we cam up with tow prioritys. It would be a blended wing plane that could takeoff and land veticaly. At first we thought that we would have two propellers in side of the fusalage. Then after some thinkning we decided to have the propellers on the out side of the plane. But most of it worked in the end. On Thusday after camp ended I stayed and fixed the plane because it ahd crashed earlier that day. One of the hinge servos was not working so verticol take of was out of the question. It was going to be a tose launch. It was tosed into the air diped down and then shot up and to the left trund and crashed spliting in two. I did not care that it was brockenl, it had flone and that what we had been trying to do.