Micaela Pierce

We designed a finger machine that helps equal the pressure of the earth when in space. Each finger has it’s own sleeve that it slides into. It uses a string pulley mechanism to apply the pressure.

The space suit that they now have has nothing covering the hands. We learned that the tighter the glove the more at risk astronauts become for losing their fingernails or their whole finger because the blood can’t circulate through their hands. We wanted to create a glove that would provide enough pressure that astronauts need in their fingers but would be loose enough to allow blood flow to the fingers. We wanted to find away to give astronauts the best of both worlds and make sure they would be both comfortable and safe. We got our inspiration from various precedents that we looked at when we first started the project.

This project is important because it helps not only us as students learn about spacesuits and space but it also helps give Brad other perspectives on ideas for the suit. Through the whole process Micki and I learned many facts about space because we had to understand how space worked and all of the restraints when making the glove. We also learned about LONES within the body and how they work. These were important because it educated us not only about spacesuit making but space in general and all of the steps that go into it.