Remi Shore and 2 OthersHarper Mills
Cole Kissam

Tool organization and management at NuVu is a significant problem. Forgotten tools clutter workspace which leads to wasted time spent looking for tools you actually need. We created a solution to this problem. We designed a storage system that fits in between the tables. The frame is clamped on one side of a table so that it can be used with a solo table or two tables joined together. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was engineering it to bear enough weight. The lips clamping it to the table are attached with a "T" joint. The lip and the wall it is attached to each have two layers of wood glued together. One layer has square cut outs and corresponding square tabs. The other layers has "T" like holes and corresponding T tabs. The T layers are glued on top of the square layers creating a strong bond. 

Our current iteration has two modules (future ones will have more);One for tools and one for laptops and notebooks. The module for tools holds the tools that are most commonly removed from the shop: rulers, calibers, scissors, box cutters, screw drivers, wire cutters and strippers, and pliers. The laptop module can hold two laptops vertically. The reason we decided to store the laptops vertically as opposed to horizontally is to maximize the vertical space and to minimize the horizontal space. Future iterations will accommodate more modules (geared towards specific tool sets) and power cords.