Ring Dress

Saeed Arida and 5 OthersRosa Weinberg
Sophia Thurau-Gray
Hayley Zukerberg
Alea Laidlaw
Phoebe Petryk

Imagine living in an underground world where the conditions are unpredictable and safety isn't always guaranteed. In these volatile conditions the possibility of falling rocks is always present. Whole body protection is always needed, which is where our dress plays a crucial part. This futuristic design uses  4 strategically placed rings that rest along the body and offer protection and coverage to the entire body from falling rocks. With 3 rings resting along the waist, hips, thighs and neck, and a preservative material resting in-between each disk, the body is shielded from any debris, boulders and dangerous material. While our design is not only well built and protective for the body, it is also built with intricate and beautiful designs as well. Each ring of the dress has intricate carvings that surround the dress and compliment its shapes and features. While using detailed designs to enhance the dress, the design uses minimal features to make the piece more pleasing to look at.